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Was there any previous history in Hindu practices of exchanging rings during marriages? This western system is nowadays followed by all Hindus in the religious type wedding too!

Answer : There is no such practice in the sanathana dharma system. However, the presenting of ring for the newly weds were in practice even in those vedic era which can be safely assumed from the Purana and Ithihas. But this practice was not as a wedding or betrothel rituals but considered as a wedding gift only. The most sacred thing of the wedding is Mangalya Dharanam, Agni, Arundhathi and can be judged as concluded only after Sapthapathi.


Is it right to leave Argyam on the Thulasi plant placed on the Thulasi Madam?

Answer: No, Thulasi plant is too sacred to drop argyam or any other left over water. Only pure plain water is to be offered to Tulasi. Argyam or water left after Sandhyavandanam can be dropped at root of any other plant or tree.


Can a staunch srivaishnavite have marital alliances with other sect brahmins? after all we all belong to the same gothras. If you fear a dilution of srivaishnava values in such mixup, what is the precaution and remedy?

Answer : In those Vedic Era, there were no sects or sub-sects but all known as Brahmins irrespective of their following. According to researchers and some Vedic Texts, these splinters and splits are only of about 1500 years old . No, the Gothra is different in persception. Same Gothra is known as Sahothra - meaning brother-hood. Irrespective of faith and sect, it is strongly advised not to marry of same gothra person inter-alia. Whether any sect, sub-sect of Brahmin family, the Gothra root is one and the same. Hence never to marry a person of the same Gothram. Remedy and precautions are unwaranted. If the Brahminism is to survive, it is for the Brahmins themselves to realize the Brahman and act accordingly to His/Her faith but without diluting the Identity of self. That is the essence of Sanathana Dharma. Unity in diversity.


Which are the places in india where i can do pariharam for PITRUDOSAM. WHAT EXACTLY DO I NEED TO DO.

Answer: There are two known places to weed off Pithru Dosham. One is Thirukkadigai, known as Sholinghur where during every Pithru Paksha i.e. Mahalayam, it is said, the departed souls arrive here to bless their own descendants. It is recommended to offer Brahmin Feedings here, during Karthikai Tamil(. Mid November to Mid December) month to get rid off Pithru Dosham. The other place is Sethu called as Rameswaram. At Thiruppullani, where Sri Dharba Sayana Ramar Temple is on The shore of this town. Performing any sort of Homam known as Havan or Holy Sacrifice gives 100 times more value than performing in any other Kshetram. Performing a Thila Homam is best recommended at Thiruppullani kshetram to get all sorts of sins washed.


Dear Sir: Why women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstural periods? Thank you for answering this question.

Answer: During the incovenient period extending upto 5 days, womens body produces negative energies which is not conducive for any prayer. (It is almost generally similar to a cat producing negative energies & vibrations). Also, even when one uses the modern sanitary napkins and hygenic methods, the naturally produced body odour during these days, could not fully be eliminated. Temple is a location where all the positive energies are generated; and the negative vibrations produced during the menstrual couse might disturb the surroundings. So it is still advisable, despite the latest hygenic applications, for women to avoid entering any temple during their monthly periods. So as to not to disturb the surroundings and permit others to concentrate on prayer. Please visit this page on Temple Visits to know more about the significance.


Dear Sir: In your Vishnu Sahasranamam, you have mentioned about the particular star and chant the relevant namam for 11 times. My sisters star is Thiruvonam. Since she is not well versed in Sahasranaaman, instead can I chant the namans 11 times on behalf of her? She is having problems and I am great believer in Vishnu Sahasranaamam. Can you suggest any manthras for Thiruvonam star? My prostrations to you, Sir. Sincerely, Jayakumar

Answer: You can convince her the benefits she could get by chanting the same. You can, word by word split and teach her the entire stanza for a week to learn. Interest plus iniative can make wonders in ones life. So, I suggest you take the iniative to get her interested in the subject. If one person is suffering from any illness and the doctor recommends some medicine, can the other sibling take the medicine instead, because the sufferer has some problem in taking the medicine? If you know her Nakshatra Padam, then it is only a two line slokha she is to ricite; if the charan i.e. padam is not known, then it is just only eight lines of the slokha in Sri Vishnu sahasranamam numbering from 85 to 88 to be recited. It might take few days to memorize these two stanzas. The best recommended method is, for her to listen the entire Sahasranam couplets for few days.


1.in our pooja room we are having one kamatchi vilakku. some persons told that there should be two kamatchi vilakku in pooja room.and both should be used at a time is it nessary to lite two kamatchi vilaku simultaniously please clarrify sir. 2. ramar PATABISEGAM photo in our pooja room.is it hold it or put it in temple.please clarrify

Answer : 1. Lamps should in general always, be in pair. 2. You can retain the Sri Ramar pattabishekam photo in your pooja room.


Dear Sir: Thank you answering my previous 2 questions. My next question is: Why do we prostrate and touch the feet as a mark of respect? Is there a vedic reason? Thank you sir.

Answer: When you do the Saashtaanga Namaskaram, it is wrong to touch the feet of the person. It is stated in the Srivaishnava Sadhachara Nirnaya, by touching the feet of the person, we pass on the our own sins to the person to whom one is doing the namaskaram. By frequently conveying our respects to the elders by doing namaskaram/prostrations, our own body gets a good lot of excercise and the lungs are getting to good expansion. In addition, the blessings from the elders too are surely an added benefit. If the person to whom one prostrates, is with very powerful brainwave length, then surely the blessings come true to the prostrator. This is also a way of conveying our respectes to the elders be it in the family or the society. In Srivaishnavites, it is a must to prostrate to the introduced elders, if one is meeting them for the first time, with due pranams and abhivadhanam. You can read the scientific values of prostration that are explained by a researcher in the pages under Religion >Sanathana Dharma>Other Rituals> Namaskar.


Please tell me whether it is wrong to see the moon on the fourth day of Amavasya, if so what should be done to avoid any complications.

Answer : Worry not, it is not a sinful act to see the moon on the 4th day. Generally, the third day of waxing moon used to be very thinn and visibility is so difficult for many. However, to test the eyesight sharpness,  and to give an excercise to the youngsters for eye sight effectiveness, they used to advise them to look for the moon on the third day from Amavasya (Moonraampirai). Thos who were with sharp eye sight used to catch it quickly thus proving their strong eye sight visibility. Incidentally, there is a chapter in the Rg Veda about the improvement of eyesight, named Chaakshoosaupanishad which is most useful for improving eye sight.


I want to know about Opening and closing time of the golden temple. Relay me immediately. By Vennilaponnes.

Answer: Sripuram Sri Mahalakshmi golden temple is open for Darshan from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all 365 days! During week-ends and public holidays, there will huge number of visitors crowd. Elderly persons and physically challenged persons can avail free wheel chair and they are accompanied by Sri Narayani Peedams volounteers.


Namaskaar, I had a query about the gender selection thing in the lifestyle section. Well wanted to ask that if suppose MC starts after midnight or suppose u dont know the proper time as its night and one cannot moniter it.. so which day of MC will be counted for the gender selection. Like should the morning be the 1st day or the 2 nd as MC started at night?? If i can get answer for that then i would be really thankful. Thanks and Regards Rachna.

Answer:  If the exact timing is not known clearly and if it is before sun rise, you may count it from the earlier day as day 1 and morning after sun rise as day 2.


I want to send puja expences by post to perform and send blessings of Amma for marriages of my 3 daughters.Suitable sugessions may be given to me.I saw for the first time in TV SAMSKRIT chanel and Thrilled at to see miracle of AMMA. Devotedly

Answer: Hello, you are addressing this to a wrong person! Please ; through this page and find all the relevant details viz. Charges, donations, to whom/where the funds to be sent, accommodation and timings; these are very clearly given including the contact phone number and email address in the same page.


What is the significance in performing TharPanam during eclipse?

Answer: During lunar eclipse, the polar rays of the sun reaching the twilight zone of the moon,which is but the edges of Full moon, are obstructed by the earth, thereby bringing some contact to that part of earth, though on night side, with the polar rays of the sun. 

Then that part becomes conducive for getting into a link with pithru lokam through the
tarpaNam offered.

The timing of tarpaNam during eclipses, like soon after the beginning or after starting to leave etc. can thus be related to the obstruction to polar rays of the sun by moon or earth.  The usage of Kush Grass, known as Kusa, Dharbam or Dharbai during this time of Grahana
TharppaNam i.e. Solar - Lunar Eclipses, prevents the radiation passing into ones body.


There seems to be an ongoing debate about how effective horoscope matching is in rating compatibility in this day and age through computer astrologers in my household. Are percentage matches and recommendations of coupling to be taken as seriously in going forward with a prospect in a general context of match making?

Answer: The entire meanings, plus and minus points are already discussed in this page. You can read the contents and get your doubts clarified.


Jai Sriman narayana, Srimadhae ramanujaya nama. Dear Sir, In our culture, we have a tradition when the baby reaches one year or above, we ; though first mottai(Head shaving) and Kadhu kuttuthal (ear piercing) program. Why the Kadhu kuttuthal is important for us? Can you explain the significance on this? Some people also have number of Mottai(head shaving)s they have to do for each god as their tradition. I read some websites for Human sacrifice that human being chosen should be devoid of scars or injuries. Also, I was told my parents the kids mind become sharper by ear piercing. Thanks Kali Sreenivasan

Answer: When we were in the mothers womb, where our body surrounded with all sorts of dirt and inhygenic compartment. The hair growth take place from the 7th month onwards thus the entire hair is immersed in the dirt filled water for months. Thats why we remove the same at an appropriate time, when the skin is just grown enought to withstand the head shave known as tonsuring. Once the first grown hair is removed, then the fresh growth of hair does not hold the same sort of earlier dirt. This is the main reason that  the entire Hindu community takes this tonsuring, before the child reaches one year. By invoking the Kula Devatha known as family diety, its value is added to get all the sort of blessings in positiveness.

As far the ear piercing, it is traditionally believed and proved that the kidney bladder system is brought to perfection by frequent pulling of ears (the punishment meted out to erring students in those days to pull the ear than beat him/her!) To gain the value, they used to hang out some sort of gold ornament in both ears till a time the kidney bladder takes its own fully grown and take control of the body mechanical system, which is almost 4 to 7 years of age. This also revitalizes the memory power. You may get the further details on ear piercing & bladder functional etc.from this page. and on ornamental jewellery from this link


For a Srivaishanava what are the recommended prayers / mantras during a normal day?

Answer: Listing only the bare minimum routine performance. Daily Sandhya Vandanam, Gayatri Japam, equally Ashtaakshari Japam, Bhagavat Thiruvarathanam - Ijjya, recitations of Sookthams and Sahasranamam. These are the brief & very minimum one that one can follow; in normal terms, for persons belong to working class, this much would take good time. All the time chanting the glory of Sriman NarayaNa is the most vital one to continue. If you have enough time to spend, you may chant Upanishads, Sundara Gaandam From Ramayana etc.


Namaskara, Would like to know whether we can purchase vehicle or any household items during pithru paksha which has started today. There is a belief that we should not doany good things or buy new things during pithru paksha and dhanurmasa. Kindly clarify. Regards, Manjula

Answer: Excepting for routine and day to day works and matters, it is advisable not to start any new ventures or buy new items during these days. Pithru Paksha period is to give oblations to the departed souls and the Dhanur month is devoted to all the sorts of divine matters concerned. Hence, during these period no auspicious functions take place excepting Ayush Homam and Sashtiyabthapoorthi.


Namaskar I am Tamil Iyer brahmin born and brought up in bangalore. I feel i did something wrong that is I do masturbation everyday. I am 27yrs old. Please tell me is it wrong to do it. If yes let me what i need to do to be away from it. and tell sorry to god As I am brahmin and devote of god please reply me Thanks karthik

Answer: Hello, it is good you turn to be normal and good. Try always to be in a good company and with other family members. Avoid being alone. The company you keep should be of good and matured to guide you into the right path. Try on meditation and prayers and visit to temples as often as you can. These are all to diver your mind from the silly habbit that might harm though not risky. Yet, if you wish, you may consult some psychiatrist specialist to get rid of the bad habbit. All the best.


Im a brahmin lady. I have a doubt whether married women should fast on amavasai day along with the husband.

Answer: There is nothing wrong if one fasting on Amavasya or any other day husband performs Tharpanam. A day prior to Srardham, all the fifteen days of Mahalaya Paksham known as Pithru paksha, every Sangramana day (Masapirappu) , Eclipse days iz. Surya Grahana & Chandra Grahana days are also the days for fasting for those who perform Tharpanam.


Respected Sir, you have written about conception only until day16. although you have mentioned day 17 till next menses chances are remote, i would like to know incase we try will be harmful ? Like for each day you have specified a +ve or -ve effect. But from Day 17 onwards you have not mentioned. Will be you be able to provide the effects from Day 17 onwards if its good or bad ? Thank you Best Regards Mrs.Priya Balaji

Answer: In general, it is not recommended after 16th day. As the cells are said to be weakened by this time,  even if one conceives, it will not be a so healthy child. Thats why, these days are not recommended at the first place.


What is the significance of wearing a mangalyam and toe ring? Is it true that ones husband life span decreases if the wife doesnt wear them?

Answer: These are clearly explained in the article on womens Favourite Ornaments page. Please click here to read the rationale behind using every single jewel and ornament.


Dear Sir, This is to inform you that the e-mail addresses of the people on your guest book are being harvested by spammers and we are getting a lot of SPAM mails. These SPAM mails even mentioned that my profile was found on trsiyengar.com Would appreciate if you could take some kind of remedial action please. Thanks, Govind

Answer: After having received many such complains, now a new scripting is replaced with the old one. No E-mail address will be displayed either in the guestbook or in these FAQ pages. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Now the system has some security measures to avoid such recurrence.


Hello Sir...I just came across this site a few minutes back! And found it very useful..So I thought I would ask some questions which have been in my mind for long...Destiny- this is not any one can change...You have told in many places that eventually it comes down to destiny...And also it is a commonly accepted fact...So if destiny cant be changed, why all these predictions/ calculations etc.? I wonder why so many people ; to astrologers for everything and spend their lives doing one pariharam after another...Does the Lord ask people to do all these? Is not daily offerings of prayer a good enough method to seek the blessings of the Lord....Why ; behind astrologers and other people when all you have to do is well within your reach....And does it help in any way- I mean these pariharams...And also, what about those who never visit an astrologer or poor people who cant even afford that? Will the Lord treat them differently? I dont know how this practice goes on...This is no disrespect to any astrologers...It is just a question that has been in my mind for so long...Thanks for your good work!

Answer: Fine, it is the doubt for many others too, whether going to temple will help and meeting an Astrologer will increase or decrease his/her tensions. One thing is for sure is, all are equal before the Law of nature and none can twist it. When some planetary influences are making a person to suffer, one can surely find a reasonable solution for such problems that can surely be weeded off by some sort of pariharam or shanthi one might recommend. When the same is of with more and severe effect, then these sort of pariharam wont help to get rid of the difficulties. In such case, the destiny takes its decision and no human can mend its path. Prayer is the best recommended tool that one can easily handle in practical life. And one need not spend any sum for this prayer. God never sought or seeks any bribe to get rid of the difficulties and troubles. This misconception of bribing the Lord nor appeasing the planets through such acts to be removed at the first place. The prayaschitham, pariharam and shanthi are mentioned in the Vedic scripts are true to its natue and has its own worthy values that copes with nature. Nothing more one needs to read onto the subject Astrology. More over, the faith, belief and convinced with the results can surely help one to come out of the problems and the psycological factors too help in finding improvements.


I would like to perform Aayush Homam for my mother weho is 61 years old. Should it be done only in Janmanakshathiram ?

Answer: Ayush Homam can be performed only on the birth nakshatra day but in any month. But for Sashti Abtha Poorthy (i.e. completion of sixty full years) to be performed after the 60 years conpletion but on any of the following months on the birth nakshatra day. You can get details of the same a this page explaining about Ayush Homam.


dear sir , first of all , i would like to thank you for your efforts in bringing out realities of hinduism. i would like to know what is samudrika lakshnam?

Answer: Samudrika Lakshanam is an art explaining of a persons nature & charecter to some extent based on ones facial and general appearance of a person. Here the human body parts and its length of nose, palm, fingers, ear etc. are studied and then given the prediction of a persons charecter based on such appearnaces. But it is not for future predictions but only to study the charecter but not for prediction of future life.


sir, I have a doubt , can u please explain me? Why do we use Maailai thoranam ,( mango leaves thoranam) and mango leaves on the top of kalasam , during Poojas? Regards, Gayathri Anand.

Answer:  There is a relationship between spoken words and the power of water which is clearly researched and explained in a book titled "The Miracle of Water" by a Japanese author Masuru Emoto. It is a revelation. With numerous photographs, the author has demonstrated two things:

First, that our thoughts generate energy that can be detected/absorbed by water and second, that water is able to capture and reflect this energy through altered molecular

My thoughts connected these findings with our traditional practices where water is used in almost every ritual. For example, in all temple, they offer devotees "Theertham" as prasadam; Sprinkling water in Punyahavachanam; In doing achamanam and using water in Sandhyavandhanam everyday; prayers to water in Khumbam in all functions; Keeping Ganga jal in copper pots at home, and so on.
Now, coming to your querry - there are three natural gifts to Humankind which are certainly producing a very positive results with energetic, values if used properly. Banana, Mango and Haldi known as Manjal in Tamil are the three magical plants that give enormous benefits to the users! Mango leaves in bunches are said to absorb the negative energy from anyone entering your home. It is just to eliminate the drushti - i.e. the negative effects, at a place where the celebrations are held - be it at home or any public place. So it is placed in the entrance. When the Khalasam or Kumbam is placed on the rice heap kept on a banana leaf, and the recitals of Veda Mantras are said to be absorbed by the Dharba Koorcham together with Mango leaves, that are then transmitted to the water in the vessel. Then water in the vessel known as Kumbam becomes purified with many aquastyic + magneto values as the recitals are said to energize the water with some purification & holyness in nature. However, the values is given only when using copper or silver utensils for Khalasam and other metal khalasams are said to provide the negative results! Hope this answer is convincing one.


Namaskarams to you sir. I went through your Question answer section on Srardhhha KArmas and is indeed overwhelmed by your knowledge and authority. I would like to place a question before you about my proposed Rameswaram Trip. My elder brother passed away in 1991 and since he did not have any issues, another elder brother younger to him has been performing Hiranya Srardhham till date every year. The sastrigal informed that homam is not required and only hiranya srardham can be done. We are planning to be in Rameswaram to perform Thilahomam at the behest of my sister in law ( W/of the brother who passed away) in the last week of February. Kindly give me guidelines on the procedures to be followed while performing this Thila homam. My main questions to you are 1. Should it be performed by the person only if he is accompanied by his wife? or the male member can perform individually without the partner? 2. Is there any pre set procedure in our shastras for performing this thila homam as we are interested in performing it with complete Sraddhha to satisfy the departed soul 3. Is it performed only to a particular soul departed from us or it is performed in general for all those who left us? I would be much obliged if you can kindly answer the above sothat we can follow your advice and preform the rituals accordingly.

Answer: Thila Homam can be performed for the benefit of the entire family set. However, the Srardham can be performed seperately for the departed soul. Irrespective of to whom or whose behalf it is performed - for parents/brothers etc, it is always advisable to conduct this as a couple (husband & wife together). If the srardham is performed on behalf of someone, then the person to accompany for giving the power of attorney like authorization at the spot. (கைப்பில் கொடுக்க, எஜமான்/எஜமானி உடன் வரவேண்டும்).


I heard that it is not good for the family if a baby is born on new moon day. Is that true?

Answer: Dont give any merrit to such ill found myths. Birth and death are not in our hands and it is according to the pre-planned system of the Almighty. There is nothing to worry if one has born on a new moon day. It is only the planetary alignments, present planetary transitions and the past karma combined together makes life easy or difficult for every creature on the earth!


Respected Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for putting the details of all the 96 Tarpanams . I do not have my father and i have been doing Tarpanams regularly . I have heard from many people that our shastras say that we have to perform 96 tarpanams , how ever apart from the most commonly followed thithis like 4 sangkramana tarpanams , amavasya and mahalaya paksham no one could provide me with the exact details . How ever I am very delighted to find out that you have provided the detials . But for a lay man like me I would be extremely graetful if you could further eloborate on some specefic periods which i am unabe to understand: The eloborations are required for following terms: Kruthayugathi - 1 Threthayugathi - 1 Dwaparayugathi - 1 Kaliyugathi - 1 Vaithruthi Yogas -14 Vyatheepatha Yoga -14 Ashtaka - 4 Anvashtaka - 4 Thisroshtaka 4 Currently i do amavasya tarpanams and all tamil masa tarpanams , how ever if you could eloborate on the above terms I could strive to do tarpanams on all the other important periods also . One of the vadyhyars whom I met recently in train while travelling to Chennai told me about the importance of doing tarpanams on all 16 days of Mahalaya paksham , so that period is clear to me . Also some learned person told me that Tarpanams have top be performed on Rathasapthami and Akshaya Trithi . Regards N Narayan

Answer: Most of the details of the Yugadhis and and other days are clearly given in each Almanac known as panchangam. For the rest of the other important evens such as Mahalaya Paksha, Astaka & Anvanshtaka, including the Amavasya/Sangramanam are mentioned with Sankalpams and related links are provided in this page.


Namaskara...plz answer my following question....do women are allowed to do pithru karma if they have no husband and male inheritance? Thanking u......Ragu

Answer: Yes, they can do it by giving dharbai to authorise someone to do it on her behalf. It is known as Kaippil (கைப்பில் வாங்கி பிறருக்காக செய்வது) just like giving a power of attorney to somebody to represent you.


My fathers anniversary coincides once in 2 -3 years with Avani Avittam day. It happened in his first anniversary in 2006 and now it is coinciding. I would like to know the following: a) Am I allowed to change the poonal and then perform srartham or does srartham get the priority and then upakarma is expected to be performed? b) Due to some office constraints, I am not in a position to ; this year to India for performing the srartham. I plan to do an anna srartham along with Malaya Paksham on Madhayashtami Day. I plan to do a tharpanam on the srartham day. Should I change the poonal and do the tharpanam or vice versa? I am the only kartha. c) I know that pithru karyam takes a priority over other activities. Is Upakarama considered as a deva karyam? If yes, it takes a back seat as opposed to pithru karyam. Definitely vedarambam and homam is considered as devakaryam, I believe.

Answer: Please do perform the Srardham first and then proceed with the Upakarma. Srardhanga tharpaNam can be performed the next day to srardham. It is most likely, if the Thithi is Poornima, then coincide often with Upakarma.

It is not  a must to change the Yagnjopaveetham on that day of Anna Srardham on Mahalaya paksham. However, you can change the thread as often as one can!


Respected sir, I would very much like to know if there is any book which give us a clear understanding of the ASOUSAM to be followed by a Srivaishnava. What I mean is the Theetu to be adhered to in the event of any births or deaths in the family ,how many days (maternal and paternal and in-laws side etc) I tried reading one or two books on this but I am not satisfied with it. Kindly help me.

Answer: Srivaishnava Sadachara Nirnaya published by Sri Vedanta Desika Saba at Myalpore in Devanagari/Tamil in its Annexure given all the Aasoucha sadakam that can be had from .Sri Nrusimha Priya office,  No.30, Venkatesa Agraharam,  Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 OR at Sri Ahobila Math, 8, Arathi Nagar, Selayur Post, Chennai 600 056. The price is Rs.500/- per copy. Also, another book based on the same theme and on Vaidhyanatheeyam can be had from the following address:Title: samkshEpa dharma sAstram , (Priced less than 50 rupees!) Publishers: Heritage India Educational Trust, #6, Sanskrit College street, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004


sir,; I dont have any daughter. I want to do kanyadaanam. I have some probloms with my relations and no one will allow me for this job. kindly suggest me what should i do

Answer: There are three options available to your problem. (1) You can adopt a poor deserving girl; she becomes your daughter to perfect the Kanyadanam. (2) You may, if your financial status permits, just sponsor or share the wedding expenses of a poor deserving girl from your Gothram to perform Kanyadhanam; or (3) do offer only Thirumangalyam (Thali) and the Koorai saree for a poor deserving girl of your Gothram, for her marriage that equates to Kanya Dhanam! 

It is highly recommended to do it for a Same Gothra person but not necessarily a relative. Even they can be unknown to you. Sure, if the girl is from a poor family, they will not object to your taking part in the rituals. If you do perform it for an unknown poor person and not related to you, then the benefits are said to be multiple.


Sir, the voting pattern and numbering often changes it seems? I see a regular pattern in the negative votes that daily increases only once on all the queries !

 Answer : Yes, I agree to it. There is a negative soul, he/she visiting only to give a negative vote on a daily basis. Through the log, I got the IP address and the other details; Though I could have banned this IP address from entering my site,  but I do enjoy the persons daily visit without fail and taking a lots of time to put his/her negative votes on each and every querry!  See the daily efforts and the time taken by her/him to put this regularly. So who is enjoying more you can guess!! (I can simply change these with a single stroke, but the person has to manually click on each and every question/answer repeatedly but only once a day; let him/her visit daily and put his/her negative vote daily. The person must be having no work to do and wasting enough of life time to do this specific job only, it seems).


Hello sir, Your site is very informative. I greatly appreciate your work. Infact i too am a tamil iyer. One thing i want to know is during my monthly periods, always first day i just get very little or just a drop of discharge and stops.only on the 3rd day my actual discharge starts. So do i need to consider this first day or the 3rd day where actually real discarge starts as the first day while calculating conceiving probability?,as written in your article Sex Is Part Of Life- I. - Newly wed couples- this is for YOU. thanking you, parvathi.

Answer: Always the day one from the first day of discharge is to be counted and the intermitent changes not to be considered. In some cases, the discharge can even extend to five or six days, depending on ones body built-up and physical nature; so the beginning day is alone to be taken for consideration for counting as day one.


Respected sir, I heard that reciting Vishnu Sahasaranamam is good during the eclipse. i.e. from the time it starts and till it ends. I believe our wish will come true. I would also like to know if we have to take bath when the eclipse starts and before starting to recite Vishnu Sahasaranamam. Regards, Mythili

Answer: Thats correct. But at the end of the Eclipse too one must take bath!


Three questions : (1) My wife wears a single metti with 4-5 coils. Her sisters wear a metti which are 2 rings in each toe. There are others worn by her friends (mostly North Indian) which are adjustible at the rear with attractive designs. Why are there so many types of metti. Does each have a significance =? (2) My wife wants to change the metti to other types like the ones worn by her sisters. Can this be done at any time. I guess once worn the metti must necer be changed! (3) In tamil customs, the metti is ut on by the bridegrooms sisters. In some others it is the brides aunt. In telegu customs it is the husband, What is the significance?

Answer: Though single coil is sufficient to get the desired level of effect, there is no harm in wearing in multiple coils. It adds beauty too to the wearer. It should be in the second finger from the toe only and wearing in any other finger gives negative effects. One more cautious note: Metti & Kolusu (anklet) should and must be only made of silver and no other metal; especially, gold made items are never to be used below hipp level. The design and type of metti can vary according to each individuals liking and taste; but the aim and intention of wearing one is same.

The purpose is well explained in the page Womens Jewellery & Ornaments, which is self explanatory. The custom of offering by metti by different relatives are made to the local practices and it has no other significance. In Srivaishnava custom, even an unmarried woman can wear a metti, if she has no metarnal uncle to offer later it during her marriage! It all depends on the practices of each community but the aim and intentions are one and the same as explained in the above page.


want to know about aksharabyasam

Answer: Akshara-Abyasam means learning to write. Generally, this practice is given to the eligible young children in the age group of 5-7 years on the Vijaya dasami day.


Namaskaram! As per Hindu Vedantham and Sampradhayam, why is Grahapravesh or moving to a new home is prohibited in Ashada and Shravana months? Is Vastu Shastra valid outside India? The answer will impact everybody who lives outside India, as we have a totally different lifestyle, weather zones and daily routines? Thank You

Answer: As is a general practice to avoid doing any thing during the junction timings of Day/Night known as Sandhya, the Ashada month is considered as Junction period for year - i.e Dakshinayanam and the month Agrayahanam is considered the sandhi period for Utharayanam. In addition, the months Falguna and Bhadrapatha too is not considered as auspicious for Grahapravesam. In Tamil, Aani, Purattasi, Margazhi & Panguni are the periods when the Vastu Purusha is said to be in his sleeping mode. But the above specifications are not applicable to other locations than in India, as the climatic, tophographical conditions vary place to place. One has to adhere to the local conditions than sticking to the Indian Almanacs known as Panchangam! The months Sravan is dedicated to the God and doing any other functions is not recommended. Likewise, the month Bhadrapatha (Purattasi) is dedicated to the departed souls (Pithru paksha) and hence considered inauspicous.

Vastu is nothing but Vedic Architectural system based on the scientific motions of the earth rotations, magnetic path disturbances and the other local vibrations of the place in question & the duration of such occurances etc. Vastu can be considered for any location on the earth.


Nowadays, most of us live in apartments where it may not be built according to our wishes. We adjust to the way it is built. In many flats, we have to pass by (or pass through) the kitchen / Pooja place to reach other places. When we used to live in independent houses or agraharam concept and when we have ladies in the house who are in menstrual cycle, they used to stay at isolated location with their own set of eating vessels, clothes, etc. But this is not practically workable in apartments. Ladies can stay away from kitchen area and move around the house and somehow manage. But in today’s nuclear family scenario, when we don’t have anyone else in the house, it is just not possible to avoid coming inside the kitchen. During these days, should we perform Aradanam and open the sannithi and perform religious practices (decorate with flowers, light the lamp, recite slokas) or keep the sannithi door shut till the time is over. What practice to be followed during these periods in a month? I came across similar question earlier, but it didnt seem to contain my specific doubt. In case, I had overlooked, please direct me to those answers

Answer: Since the other part of the answers to your question is already given under the Srivaishnavam Practices FAQ, (Question & Answer # 77) I give the answer only concerning daily thiruvarathanam. In such circumstances, one can close the Sannidhi and perform the manaseeka aradhanam (recitals by heart and bhavana). This is the only possible way under such circumstances, if one does not want to skip the daily routines and prayers! This kind of thiruvaradhanam is permitted under different kind of circumstances - war, natural calamity, while travelling long distances etc. Now we have to add this exception to the dormitary residing persons family conditions too. If one can do the Graha suddhi puNyahvachanam, after the end of course period, it is still better.


I need the details of Vishwamithra gothram and Pranavam. at the time of doing yagams how can we say the Abivatheye by name the rishis.

Answer: The needed details of Gothra Pravaram and Rishis names are given alongwith Abhivathanam in the page under heading Gothra Pattika - Gothra Pravaram - Gotra names and related Rishi vargam. The blank spaces in sequence numbers 1 to 9 is to be filled in by you, by selecting it with the appropriate pravaram to the Gothra/Rishi one belong to.


Sir, Your site is very informative and I learnt a lot. I am not having a child for 4 years. Kindly suggest me a sloga to chant

Answer: Performing a Santhanagopala Homam will help to get a child. You can read the needed info and sloka at this page.


If a girl has conceived in month on 15th March 2010 ie tamil panguni month can her seemandam be conducted on september 12th 2010.Her nakshatram is mrigaseesam and her husbands nakshatram is ashwati

Answer: Though the stipulated condition is to perform it during the 8th month, there is no harm in performing it earlier. Yes, 12th Sept. is suitable date.


Respected Guruji, My fathers second dealth anniversary is in next month. We are four daughters. I live in Delhi and working. What is the simplest way of performing my fathers shradham so that His soul is satisfied?

Answer: One can perform it with HiraNya srardham, i.e. offering it to one or two Brahmins with Raw rice, Raw Banana, pulses, Jaggery with Betal leaves/nuts and Dakshina according to your capacity.


Namaskaram Sir, My mother in law was a widow who cohabited with my father in law and my husband was born. My father in law married his niece and stayed separately. After our marriage my mother in law created alot of problems in my marriage and I was on the verge for a divorce. Finally she left both of us went to my father in laws home and stayed there for a couple of months. She was later chased out by my 2nd mother in law and finally she went on her own to a old age home. We did not know when she passed. We perfomed the funeral rites for my father in law but nothing was done for my mother in law. This sin is always haunting me. Is there any parikara. Pls help.

Answer: For such unfortunate souls, one can perform the Srardha every year on the Karthika month Amavasya day (in the north Indian it is the AagrahyaNa month). In addition, during the Pithru Paksha Amavasya, one can offer the Pithru pooja to weed off the sin for such failures to conduct the rituals. Since her departure thithi is unknown , the Sasthra state to conduct the same on the above days. If one can afford, performing a Srardha at Gaya would equate the benefits of Srardha performed for 60 years! It will also help the wandering soul to reach Swarga.


After how many thithis must the yearly ceremony of a dead person (Tamil) be performed ?

Answer: Normally, the same thithi/month is to be followed in the immediate next year. In some cases, there can be one or two extra thithis known as adhika masyam; if there are two thithis falling in the same month of aabdeekam known as first year ceremony, then the later is to be taken. It all depends on the remainder thithi timing specific day in the following year & month. In some cases, it can fall in the exact 12th month itself, and in some it may be the 13th month. The one general condition is, the month & thithi should be same that of the moksha day.


Sir, Could you please provide the tamil name for " Black strap molasses " . It has been recommended as a remedy for many ailments. Vaithy

Answer: "Blackstrap Molasses" is nothing but Paaku Vellam that is in semi-solid or thick liquid state. Not all the sugar cane crushing units sell the third boiled extracts as they normally make the other steps to make Jaggery and Sugar or sugar crystals.

From the ripe Sugar Cane the juice is extracted by crushing or mashing; then it is boiled with certain degree of heating and processed to extract the sugar. The results of the first boiling and processing is first molasses – this has the highest sugar content. The outcome of the second boiling is second molasses. Second molasses is darker in colour and has a slightly bitter in taste. Blackstrap molasses is from the third boiling. In Tamil they call as Pagu Vellam that is almost filled in mud-pots and it is in semi-solid state. There is no usage of any chemicals or sulphers in this stage. If from the unripe and tender sugcanes they extract the juice, then it is added with sulpher etc. to bring the concentrate clarified. It has the shelf value for a limited period only as otherwise it will smell a type of alcohal or spirit!


Sir, Is is good to visit Kalahasti Temple on my Chandrastama Days ? or at the fag end of chandrastama ? Is it good to perform Vennai kaappu for Anjaneyar on Chandrahastama days ?

Answer:  For visiting Temples or do the rituals at the temples, one need not check the Chandrashtama days. Also for daily routines it is not to be taken. However, a precaution is a must.


Sri Rama Jayam, Sir, I have decided to take my son to my native temple at Kumbakonam for donating his hair o god on 07.08.2011. Navami thithi starts on 7.18am on 07th August 2011. Its advisable to donate hair on that day to god ,since thithi is Navami. Also my son born on Navami thithi. Regards S.Hariharan

Answer: Janma Nakshatra, Janma Vaaram, Janma Thithi and Janma month is to be avoided in general for all auspicious functions and ceremonies.


Dear Sir, i am trying to use the chinese calender to conceive. I have a doubt, i was born on the 2nd of september 1982. My mum says i will turn 30 this year september. Meaning i have completed 29 years and running 30. Well i think like the westerners, that i will turn 29 this september and have completed 28 years. So please correct me if i am wrong and advise me on which age category should i follow, to have a child of my choice of gender. Thank you very much. I would greatly appreciate your help. kind regards, Gaithiry

Answer: You should always take into account full completed years and not the running age/year.


Good day Sir/Madam, Iam Vaishnavam follower. Past years in month of Puratasi, i will visit Tirupaty Balaji and have darshan.Also i will do hair tonsure. Same this year iam planed to have darshan. Iam maried. My question is, during my wife pregnant can i do hair tonsure. Thank you for your understanding and reply. Kumara Seelan

Answer: No, till the time of delivery/Namakaranam, it is not advisable to ; for tonsuring.


Vibration in left Shoulder

Answer: If it is constant and contineous, then you should check with a Medical Practitioner. Normally occassional vibration at left side for female is good. For male, if it is from right side, it is said to be good.  Left side vibrations for male and right side for female invites some sort of trouble.


Since my son is in Europe and will be travelling on the date of Avani Avittam, I request your goodself to kindly guide me on the alternative day or date for performing upakarma.

Answer:  He can perform the Upakarma on the 12th of September 2011. These are permitted in extreme conditions such as war, Law & order breaks, earth-quake or on the death of some close relatives etc.


Sir, Namaskaram. I was englightened to see many useful things in your website which I came across fortunately while reading Sri Vishnu Sastranam. May God bless you all who are managing this on internet. My question is regarding Simple Home Remedies, where you have suggested use of figs in case of gall bladder infections. Please tell whether it is useful in Gall Bladder Stones for women ? With regards, Puran Chand Gandhi

Answer: Hello, there is no gender bias for these remedies! Yes, one can surely try and get the needed results as it is just a food item and there is no side effects or chemical propositions. More so, it is a fruit that strengthens your digestive system and act as a mild laxative too.


Reagarding birthday celebration-The star Bharani is coming 2 times this Avani month ie on 20th August(Avani 3rd) and again on September17th(31st Avani).Kindly inform me which one should be considered for the birthday celebration this year 2011 as per hindu practice Thanking you Ragunathan

Answer: Always second one and the later date is to be taken for celebrations; whether it is for abdapoorthi, regular or Sashtiyabdapoorthi, the rule is take the later date only.


Respected Sir, We have booked Satyanarayan vrat pooja in Sathyanarayan temple today afternoon. Around 3.45pm (21st August,2011,EST) the pooja was started, and I beleive in the middle some time , I felt I got my periods/menses. And I did not know what to do and continued my pooja. After the pooja was completed, 2 people wife and husband came and they received prasadam from us. I have done pooja with pure heart. Only God knows that. But, I have been very worried from then. I would like to know if there is any dosha. How can I rectify if any? Could you please help me please? I will be very greatful to you. If you could help me in this matter. Could you please send an email please? Thanks a lot in advance. Regards, Smitha

Answer:  Any Temple is a sacred place for the devotees; TELL THE TEMPLE PRIEST THAT AS A PENANCE OFFERING YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN, but need not tell him what it has happened. In such conditions, you should have left immediately, moved out than continuing the Pooja. Knowingly you continued the pooja (though not wantonly), the benefit of the pooja itself is lost. It is best advised to perform it again on a later day, during your safe period and offer the pooja itself as a pariharam/penance, after doing the Grahasudhi & sthala suddhi punyahavachan. Worry not, this in itself will lessen the burden. When you perform it again, in the start of sankalpam, you should pronounce it as a penance offering and pronounce it as " shanti pariharartham " Sri Sathyanarayana mahapoojam adhya karishye".


Position of poonal while having sex ? Should we wear it while having sex or remove it. My apologies for posting such a question , but this issue has been troubling me for long. Kindly advise as to how we manage this ? Since i do my regular anushtanams , i feel very awkward to wear it while having conjugal bliss with my wife. Kindly advise as to what is the correct procedure? My Namaskarams to you Regards Narayan

Answer: It should always be normal as you wear regularly. Never to be removed. However, it is stated to change the holy thread on the immediate next day. There are many occassions, one needs to change the Poonal - like,  after taking oil bath, after returning from hair cut, after visiting hospitals, after attending a funeral, on visit to any death place within the ten days etc. etl.


Namaskarams, My mother in law recently attained acharyan thiruvadi on Aug 12th 2011 2:30 AM in Chennai. Myself and my husnand were there in time to perform all her final rites and did all the 13 day karyams. The vadhyar who guided us to do all the rituals used the wrong thithi of Paurnami instead of chathurdasi thidhi. After coming back to US we were discussing with our local priest and we found that we did all the karyams in wrong thidhi. What should we do fix this error? Is there any parikaram? We are going to perform the 27th day unamasiyam. We are god fearing couple and we want our kid and his generations to be blessed by our pithrus. We are very worried and confused. can you please help us?

Answer: If the kriya was taken place on the Pournami, irrespective of her departure date/thithi, the Vadhyar is right. You should continue to do the Monthly maasyams on Chathurthasi thithi only. There is no wrong thithi involved as the sequence followed and done till 13th day; the prevailing days thithi only to be pronounced for each step/day. May be in the Charama sloka or the Thithi listing for maasyams he might have erred and wrongly given the thithi as Pournami (Poornima) instead of Chathruthasi. There is no need to worry about this; you should follow the actual thithi as Chathurthasi for the coming masyams, Aabdeekam as well as for Annual Srardtham. No pariharam required, as the rituals are done according the stipulated dates. Be blessed, there is no dosham or curse involved in this.


Respected Sir,Kindly tell during menses which day do we count as the first day,as some doctors suggest the next day to be considered as day one after the periods start.

Answer: Normally, when that day it occurs it is counted as day 1. However, when the same take place during night, the confusion arises. Here too, if the same occurs before 2.30 am, one can once take it in the earlier day count the following morning as day 2. This is as per Hindu system.


Which are the directions one should sleep -like keeping head in North/South/East/West ?

Answer : When in your own home, keep head towards east while sleeping. Mind, body, concious and sub-concious all are in a relaxed condition.

While travelling and during outstation stay, keep your head towards west - Mind and concious relaxed but body and sub-concious stays alert.

Towards north, mind relaxed to some extent,  but concious, sub-concious and body get disturbed because of the equotarial magnetic pulls.

If a person keeps his/her towards south regularly, the person looses memory power quickly and might feel very weak in normal activities.

Never to keep head towards north or south while sleeping, as the North/South pole magnetic path disturbs the brain and cervical parts that gradually gets damaged.  If a person keeps regularly head towards south while sleeping, then the earths rotation pulls the current towards north, that disturbs the intricate functional of the body parts. Gradually one feels older even before he attain his actual older age if a person keeps head towards north or south while sleeping!


dear sir, we are iyengars, but the problem with me is my wife is getting diverted to prayers of other religions, kindly let me know any pooja to be done to stop her from getting diverted. regards seshadri vasan g

Answer : You can give her the books narrating teaching of Sri Ramanuja and Sri Desika; if convinced and guided properly, she might turn to Visishtaathvaitham with interest. Forcing or compelling is not a method; let everyone choose their path of their own choice. There should be mutual respect and understanding than any enimity and hatred. Only by giving the just and proper guidance with religious discourses by Srivaishnavites, she should attended; this will enhance the power to realize the Supreme Soul, Sriman Narayana The true God.


Conception of BOY: Dear sir i am bit confused about the conception dates, some websites claims 6 day and some 5 days. first Q How do you calculate dates e.g period starts on 01/09 so when does meeting needs to place . Do you calcluate 5 days after the period. please its very important to me . I am also trying to workout my previous pregancy too how do you workout 6th day , 8th day and so on. please pretty please reply. thanks in advance

Answer: When the cycle begin, it is to be counted as day one and till the 5th day to be avoided totally. Only from the sixth day from the course day is to be calculated and so on. If 1st Sept was the day of your course beginning, then 6th Sept onwards it is better suggested to have relationship. Hope this clarifies your doubt.


Respected sir,Kindly tell is any other method except checking the horoscope to tell if the couple can possibaly try and have a baby boy or not. Regards Neetu

Answer Yes, check with your physician or any medical practitioner who will guide you through the procedures, a scientifically proven methods !


Hello sir, I have one simple question. I want to know that" Why is said Girls should not keep their hair loose, especially while doing pooja ?

Answer: Human hair and nails are made of our bodys own dead cells. It is not advisable to spread the fallen hair around your home, especially where the positive vibrations are generated - like Pooja room & kitchen. Also, our body produced current and energy is wasted if the hair is not tied. In short, to avoid spread of negativity in our home and surroundings, it is always advised to tie the hair bunch.In those days, normally when a death takes place in a family, then they used to lose it free, that signifying a sad mood. Should one ; with such negative appearance for the Pooja?


Namaskaram, I have a doubt. My uncle has not done sandhya vandhana after upanayanam and does not wear punal all through the year except avaniavatam day. Is it shastra sammatam to perform sastiabdhipurthi, etc for such person. Please also note. Fait in God at apath kalam. Goes to temple ocassionaly. Does not get up early in morning and had food before taking bath. Thanks Regards Hari

Answer: Sashti-abda-poorthi is performed on completion of sixty full years and a kind of celebration. The ayush homam performed alongwith it is for health & longivity. Yes, you can celebrate his sixtieth birthday, whether he follows the relegious dictacts or not. Let him, at least in his retired life to start practising something for the upliftment of his spiritual liberty.


Dear Sir, Namaskaram, We had performed the sudarshana homam very recently at our newly purchased house. 4 vathiyars ` priests ` had come and the homam was carried out successfully. My Brother’s daughter who is 19 years old unmarried also visited the homam. Sir, even though it is difficult to ask you, I don’t have any elders in my family ` father and mother passed off `. So, I am asking you…. It was the fourth day of her periods. She had come and was with us in the homam. My manni ` brother’s wife ` did not tell me anything regarding this. I I am very scared whether this is a very powerful sin. Will lord narayana punish us ? ` since we carried this homam ` I am so scared…. Is there any remedy ` pariharam ` for this…….. Please reply sir….. I am waiting for your reply. Please help me sir, I am disperately waiting for your reply. regards Latha

Answer: Hello Lata, be relieved, there is nothing to worry about this and you can simply forget it. There is no sin involved as you are not the guilty person. You have not done anything intentionally nor you knew about it prior hand. And a third person making some entry does not cause any problem to the function. All this happen, just only because of our not training and telling the youngsters the dos and donts about the religious matters and functions. It is always advisable to avoid first four days from the monthly cycle day attending any religious functions. We need educate our own children on such matters so that they do not cause any disturbances in future. (and you are posting the same question four times!).

Since there is no mistake on your part, no pariharam needed. God will never punish one for others un-intentional mistakes !


Respected sir, I would like to know whether there is any particular pooja for dhanaabivriti, sir eventhough i do pooja i feel a sort of gloominess in our house please tell me how to get rid of this which pooja will bring lakshmi kadaksham ,sr kindly help me.

Answer: It is not that everyone gets richer and wealthy just because of doing only some pujas. It all depends on ones own past karma, hard work and the gift if it is in their birth chart.

Reciting Sri Sooktham, Sri Lakshmi stotrams do give benefit. Performing a Lakshmi Kubera Homam and Sri Sooktha Homam are added benefits. Sincere prayer and hardwork adds to the wealth.


Respected sir, It is common practice that during menses, a woman stays away from religious duties, and on the 4th day, after taking head bath, the woman can resume religious duties. I have however heard that even the 3rd day is approved for a woman to participate in relegious activities. I have invited many ladies for vethalai paaku on Saturday - that will be my 3rd day. Is it ok to take a head/manjal bath and host this event or is it better to reschedule ? Thank you very much..

Answer: For all the religious & spiritual rituals (known as Vaideeka Karma) that concern Homam/Aaradhanam etc., it is strongly advised to avoid the first four days, as only eligible from the fifth day. This is as per Sasthra quote. For other non-ritual functions (known as Loukeekam - not concerning any Homam etc. such as visit to some others home, exchange of Vethilai/Pakku etc. which are considered as non ritualistic customs) one can do it on the 4th day.