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Sir Namaskaram, Is the marriage between the people of the same gotram feasible? What are the after effects that the couple might encounter after such a marriage? Is there any remedy before conducting such marriages so as to nullify the after effects? Kindly advice.


Though the recent supreme court Judgement on this is permitting same Gothra marriages, the Sasthras against marrying from same Gothra. Same Gothra, despite different caste or creed, means, the root Rishis or descendants from a particular family tree are of same blood group. Sa-gothra stands same gothra as brother-hood hence it is not recommended at the first place. Also, it is avoidable to marry a person from mothers gothra too. According to medical science studies, marrying among of any close clearive causes many problems including the child born may not be as bright or healthy as marrying from other Gothra. More over, the mal-formations of child during pregnancy also forewarned by researches. It is foolish to find any pariharam for marrying among brother/sister gothra alliances. It is simply an eye-wash to change gothra mid-way, like adopted by some other gothra persons before giving into marriage. If more than 11 generations are passed, then one can discard this as per Sashakya Muni.

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Can you please tell me which shlokas i need to recite to avoid all troubles and mishaps, to protect from my enemies in worklife, colleagues who are jealous, etc shlokas i mean from vishnu sahasranama my nakashtram is shravana and makara rasshi


The Nakshatra & its related Vishnu Sahasranama Slokha are clearly given in this page. . For Sravana nakshatra, you can recite the slokhas from 85 to 88. To get rid of enemies and invisible trouble makers, you can do regular parayaNam of Sri Sudarshana Ashtakam.

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We are a Christian family and we have been invited to a Upanayanam for the son of our friends. We are wondering if we should take a gift to him or if this would be inappropriate? Thank you for your time and any advise you can give us.



Here religion is not involved, only a personal bondage between persons that connects human values. Surely, you can present any gift of your choice. Your presence and blessings are more important that would honour the hosts.

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Namaskaram, I am the eldest of 2 daughters and my father is performing the sraaddha of my late mother . Many vaadhyaars have suggested that my father do only the hiranya sraadha and not the sraadha with homam as my parents do not have a son living. I need your clarification whether my father can perform the latter. Thanks


Your father can perform the Srardham with Homam (without Aupasanam/Agni santhanam).  He can, either do perform with Sankalpa srardham (minus homam but with offering food after punyavachanam and then Aaradhanam etc.) by feeding two Brahmins or by Hiranyam by offering raw rice, banana etc. is the last option. Agni Santhanam & Aupasanam  can only be performed with wife; so a widower has no option but to perform only the Srardham part of the Homam. If age factor, availability of Bruhaspathi and monetary considerations forces, then HiraNya srardham is recommended but as a last option.

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Please tell me who all can tattoo "Chakra" and "Sangoo" in their body.



Any one who whorships Sri Mahavishnu and follows Srivaishnava path for salvation can get the Shanku & Chakra tattooed in their arm., by any of the Sri Vaishnava sect jeers known as Acharyas. One must be a strict vegetarian with clean habits to have these marks. Caste No bar.

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