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 Swami Namaskarams. Could you please give me a pointer where I can get a book related to panchasamskara matras and its procedures.



Pancha Smskaaram = The five daily routines of a Srivaishnava: (1) The Mudra of Conch & Wheel (Shanka Chakram) to be sealed by the Acharya in a devotees shoulders; (2) Applying of Oordhva Pundareekam ( 12 Nama with Sreechoornam to be applied in the body; (2) Dasya Namam as named by the Acharya; (4) Taking the Guru Mantra as taught by the Acharrya and (5) learning and getting the needed qualifications from the Acharya to perform the Daily Thiruvaradhanam.

Out of the pancha samskarams, the Samasrayanam (and Bharanyasam) can only be done by a Jeer or Sects Guru. While doing so, they guide you through the proceedures and give you a detailed routine prayer part alongwith Gurus Thanian. Once done, the rest above comes within this Samskaras.

However, the entire Srivaishnavam practices and the rituals to be followed is listed in a costliest book named "Srivaishnava Sadhaachaara NirNaya, authored by the present Ahobila Mutt Jeer. This book lists the entire anushtana procedures together with many useful tips and guides. It is plublished in Tamil/Devanagari scripts. Copies can be had from Sri Nrusimha Priya office,  No.30, Venkatesa Agraharam,  Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 OR at Sri Ahobila Math, 8, Arathi Nagar, Selayur Post, Chennai 600 056. The price is Rs.500/- per copy.

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HI, I would like to know about chandra and Surya grahanam? What we should do on those days and why such practices are needed? Please tell me the Science behind the practices also. Thanks


During time of Eclipse, the ultra violet radiations are spread all over and contaminating the surroundings. To avoid any sort of slow poisoning or illness, it is advisable to avoid eating or keeping the food items open during that time. In the Srivaishnavites homes, they used to fully cover the food grains and water with Dharbam known as Dharbai the holy grass used by Brahmins. To avoid any eye sight problem and skin related deseases, it is advisable not to roam around in open during the eclipse. Especially the pregnant women should keep themselves inside their home to avoid any mal-functionals for the child in the womb. If the ecliptic duration is longer, then the poisonous radiations are the more high. Hence,  it was suggested to avoid looking at the Sun or Moon during eclipse with naked eye.

  • Nothing should be eaten during the Eclipse. The Vedh period is of around 6 to 9 hours prior to start of the Eclipse and one should eat before that.

  • After Eclipse is over, do not touch clothes before taking bath. So, before eclipse begins, put aside clothes/towel etc. to be used after your bath. Take head bath and then only to attend to other routines.

  • Spend your time in prayer, reading & listening scriptures etc.

  • After taking bath/shower only, one should touch God or do the normal activities

  • If your birth star falls in the Ecliptic path, then do the Shanthi Parihara, recite the prescribed sloka and then donate some grains - wheat for Surya Grahan and Rice for Chandra Grahan with some dakshina to any deserving poor Brahmin.

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How to perform Hiranya Srardham?


Hiranya Srardham is like regular srardham minus homam/havis, but with Changing Yagnjopaveetham, Suddhi Punyahavachanam, regular Aaradhanam - aka Pooja, Srardhangam with two BrahmmaNa bhojanam. Some also call this as Sankalpa Vidhanam. 

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Namaskaram. Sir, We are living in a place where the sun never rises/sets around the same time in a year or month. In winters it will be very late around 8.30-9.00 AM and 4.30-5 PM and in summers it will be 4.30-6 AM and 7.30-9.30 PM. Summer time it is okay for my husband to do sandhi without disturbing office time. But in winter it is very very cold and snowy and difficult to go out in bare body in that time also he needs to be at work. How to cope up with this ? Also maintaining thulasi is very difficult at winters inside home. Now what he does is to sticks to after bath time like 6-7 AM to cope up with going to office. Please give your comments and is it okay to do without seeing the sun duing winter. Or is there any other method in performing the same that we are not aware of, If you could mail us that will be very helpful. I am asking question on his behalf. Thank you. Regards, Sridevi.



Basically the Vedic recitals and Mantra prayogam are meant for the Punya Bhoomi known as Bharatha Kandam, thats Bharat. They never would have thought that the Brahmin community would spread all over the world and would be performing the rituals. According some learned scholars, the recitals would lose its value if it is done during un-time. Present days compulsion of survival makes one to migrate to any place where opportunities abound to sustain their livelihood.


Yet, it is essential to perform the Anushtanam as far as possible within the available time frame than totally discarding it. It is best recommended to adhere to the local timings and prevailing conditions and continue to do the prayer part as per the local sun rise timing and not to stick to Indian timings. It is more important to perform the daily Sandhya Vandanam with Gayatri at before Sun-rise and during sun-set timing, respectively, according to the local time zone.

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My husbands Janma Nakshatram is Purattathi, kumbah rasi. avani month. this year the star birthday falls twice. one on 19th aug and the 2nd one on 15th sep. which one do we need to take for performing any special homan. and why.


Answer: Normally, if birth nakshatra falls twice in any month,then the later date is to be taken for celebration. Mostly, the first nakshatra day is not taken for celebrations. However, if the next month (Masa Pirappu) begin within 8 hours from the sun rise, only then the earlier nakshatra can be taken. (Eventhough the date of the month can be 30th, 31st or 32nd, the next month (Masapirappu) can begin when Sun enters to the next sign, on the last day of any month).

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