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Can Upanishad( Shikshavalli) be recited every day. Are there any restrictions-kindly educate me.


Answer: Yes, one can recite the Upanishads anytime, excepting the days next to Poornima & Amavasya (Pradamai thithi to be avoided for learning and recitals!)

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In Vaishnavism & Brahmanism is it Important to perform Sashti abdha Poorthi for parents?? If the Parents refuse will it be a sin for the Children?? will this bering good to the Children??


Answer: It is only a customary and not compulsory. Performing Sashtiyabthapoorthi is only when the elderly couple give consent. There is no sin or otherwise, if one fail to perform it. The Ayush Homam performed during the function is to add health & longivity to the concerned. You can read the detailes from this page.

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Namaskaram, One of my friend has named his house as "Mahavishnu Mitra". I would like to know the meaning of the same. please reply. regards Latha


Answer: Mitra in sanskrit stand for Friend. Friend of Sri Mahavishnu !  Clever, indeed, he makes every other friends of Sri Mahavishnu as his friends :) (Sri Mahavishnu in the Krishna Avathara has had umpreen friends; no one calls Him as Prabhu(o), or Lord, but all calling him as Krishna or Kanna. One such close friend of Sri Krishna was Kuchela!)

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My mothers srardham falls on the Soonya Thithi. When should I perform the srardham as normally srardham is not performed on the Soonya thithi. Regards


Answer: If there are two thithis falling in a month, then one is taken as Soonya thithi. There ought to be another thithi if one thithi is mentioned as Soonya. Depending on its merrit, it can be at the beginning or end of a month the soonya thithi may fall; so one has to take the other thithi which is not mentioned as soonya. Rarely in some cases, during Margazhi month, if the thithi is not given, then it ought to be performed in the following month on the same thithi. When thithi Dwayam (two thithis falling on the same day), in cases, the earlier or later date can be shown as Adhika thithi as athi-thithi; But wherever it is mentioned as Soonya thithi, normally there will be another day, either at the end or on the beginning of the same month.

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My father who is 87 years old is finding it very difficult to perform Amavasya Tharpanam each month. However being the only son to his parents, he insists on performing the same, and struggles a lot. Are there any alternatives or "Pariharams" for this ? Please advise at the earliest. Padmanabhan


Anser:  In such cases one can perform the Tharpanam through a third person (who himself should be a person performing thrapan for his pithrus) by authorizing/giving the dharbam (kaippil). The same will be done in your fathers presence and your father would pronounce the names of his ancesters while the authorised person does the tharpan. And the person who takes just like power of attorney (kaippil) should be compensated suitably. If one is speach disabled condition, then also the third party can perform but only in his presence and after taking the kaippil on his behalf.

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