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Namaskaram Swamy, I love your website... I Have got my Bharanyasam done 11 years ago when i was a kid, I Feel Srivaishnavas should not follow Astrology and it would not work for those who have surrendered to Shriman Narayana... I want your clarification in this regard Swamy... waiting for your explanation as soon as possible...


Answer: No doubt, Sriman NaarayaNa is the supreme soul. But He Himself never forebid these practices. When a person is sick why one should take him to the Doctor or to a Hospital? We can surely pray and get the relief from the supreme soul - NarayaNa Himself!

When such is the fact, why one should consult the Astrologer to find and fix a Muhurtham for marriage and other auspicious functions?  When all the days and timings are good, why a disciple who has taken the Bharanyaasam should fix his daughters or sons marriage only on a specific Muhurtham fixed by the sooth sayers? Cant it be a Saturday or Tuesday during Rahu Kaalam or Yamagandam or on a Krishna paksha Ashtami or Navami? What is essential, that ought to be taken per circumstances.

Astrology is part and parcel of our system; why, even to do the sankalpam, you have to refer the panchangam to pronounce the thithi, vaara, nakshatra of the day etc.  There is no sin or harm if you needed some sort of guidance when in trouble. In such conditions, whether you have taken BharNyaasam or not, you can surely consult the planetary alignments for some remedial measures. Even in RamayaNa, it is stated, that the auspicious Muhurtham was fixed after consulting many astronomers and astrologers of that Saga, for the Lord Ramas own marriage! We are humans.

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Dear Sir, I know that as a woman I am not supposed to chant Gayathri Mantra. I wanted to know if I can chant Lakshmi Gayathri Mantra? I am doubtful because the name of the mantra has Gaythri in it and I was wondering if this is something similar to Gayathri Mantra? Thanks in advance, Sushma


Answer: Yes, you can recite sarva-devatha gayatri mantras; only Gayatri Mahamantra is not to be chanted. Gayatri Mahamantra is also not to be recited unless one takes the same through invoking by a Guru in a systamised way known as Brahmmobadesam.

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Sir, Its very kind of you to give us a platform to discuss about the practices of the Srivaishnavam.I would like to take this appourtunity to ask you what kind of oils can be used to light lamps infront of God.Can we know the benefits of them.Here TIL oil is not easily available here i am useing coconut oil for lighting the lamp everyday and on fridays ghee is used is it ok ?if not please suggest other options.Thanking you in advance .Looking forward for your advice.


Answer: Seasame oil (Till oil or gingilee oil) is the first and best option. Where it is not available, the second best recommended is Ghee, whatsoever make it is.

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We are Sri Vaishnavates. I have few querries, Can u please answer them. 1. Can a husband shave when his wife is pregnant? 2. Can we continue constructing the house when wife is pregnant? Waiting for ur reply. Sangeetha


Answer: (1). Normally, every Brahmin has grow deeksha/beard during his wifes pregnancy and remove on the day of the childs namakaranam. But practicabilty as well as migration to other places for livlihood made them to slowly forget about these practices.

(2) If the construction activities are started earlier to the pregnancy, then it can continue; however, during the period of pregnancy, starting of the construction is not advisable.

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Dear Sir, I am a Thenkalai Iyengar and performing Thiruvaradanam. I have a personal opinion that on Amavasya day Thiruvaradanam has to be done BEFORE doing Amavasya tharpanam and it is not correct to do Thiruvaradanam after doing Amavasya tharpanam. Same opinion about it on Avani Avittam day, first is Thiruvaradanam and then only Kamokaarshit japam and Khandarshi tharpanam is to be performed. Secondly, for Avani Avittam , some people say Kamokaarshit japam should be done only after Yajnopaveetha Dhaaranam. But in Srivaishnavam website Yajnopaveetha Dhaaranam manthram is mentioned after Kamokaarshit japam. Kindly advise me on the above queries. Thanking you, Adiyen…


Answer: Amavasya tharpan is for your ancesters, wherein the navakandarishi tharpan is not only for the Rishis and Devas, but also for the entire universal beings! (Vedam, Puranam, Ithihasam, Kalpam, Vruksham and so on). There is nothing wrong in performing the Aradhanam after the TharpaNam.

Normally, before starting any auspicious function, one has to purify himself to get qualified to perform it. In this context, taking of panchacavyam and changing of the holy thread comes first! Only after changing the thread one should follow other steps. So kamokarsheet japam or Kandarishi tharpan are not an exception.

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