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Sir, Dhendan samarpitha vigyabanam. Words are not adequate to express our gratitude for the wonderful service that you are rendering to revitalize the declining srivaishnavism. Your web site is so educative and informative and has helped me to do some introspection on my being a name sake brahmin. I have learnt many precious things to practice, which have not been taught to me by any priest or adhyapaks in the past. Secondly can you please let me know the format/template for sending invitation for the abda poorthi ayush homa function of grand son. I follow ahobila mutt samprathayam and my Acharyan is 45th Pontiff His Holiness Srimad Azhagiya Singar. Vachaga dosha kshandavyaha Vigyabanam Dasan Chakravarthi


Answer: Thanks for your compliments. The only thing I ask my visitors is to spread word about this website to one and all. It is a non-commercial, non-profit making website and is broadcast by me as an individual - single-handedly, despite facing many odds.

You can get the invitation format for the Ahobila Mutt followers at the bottom of the article; it is published at Abda Poorthi Ayush Homam article page.

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When a brother dies, the living brothers will have Thittu for 10 days . Is it also mandatory that all the brothers should not visit any of the Malai koil (temples in Hills) for the next one year and no Hindu festival will be celebrated by the brothers family for the next one year ?? Would appreciate your clarification on the above


Answer : Yes, for the one year no festivities as the family is said to be observing the mourning till the Aabdeekam. It is not only for own brothers but also for first cousins, paternal uncles etc. Even undertaking any sort of pilgrimage is not permissible (say to Any Theertha Yatra, prayer offering etc,).

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Dear Sir, Namaskaram. Adiyen, I thank you very much for your kind guidance by giving answer to my query ( of Srivaishnavam Practices Q & A). I would like to know more about correct practices of our daily karmas. Can prathas Sandhayavandanam can be performed before taking bath? Also kindly advise when father is alive, can the son perform "Mathru varga tharpanam" ?...Thank you for you valuable advice for correct practices...Adiyen


Answer : Only after taking bath you are fit enough to do all the routines! It is that simplest answer.  When father is alive, there is no tharppaNam at all ! So no question of any vargam. And also, on fathers expiry, when one performs tharpan, if mothers father is alinve (maternal grandfather) then also no tharppaNam for mathru vargam.

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AnswerPoonal has to be changed first and then follows Deva/Rishi Tharppanam. This is common to all Veda followers.

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Sir Namaskaram ! My mother had recently expired. Since my brother has no faith in these pitru rituals, I did the 12th day and 13th day rituals with brahmins and my son. I am also giving rice and vegtables on the thithi, every month without homam.for two brahmins. Can I do this as a daughter. What else should I do. Pl advice Also I want to know can dharpanam be done without completion of one year, as I am planning to go to Gaya/kasi/rameshwaram to do this. Your service is of great one, as we get anything and everything, if our ancestors are happy. I greatly appreciate your time and efforts on these great writings, thanks & regards Manjula S


Answer: It is unfortunate your brother has not shown any interest in the rituals. However, you can, if your position permits, perform the same through some one, by authorising them to do it on your behalf (கைப்பில் வாங்கி பிறருக்காக செய்தல்),just like giving a power of attorney. Gaya Srardham etc. can be done only on completion of the first year srardham (ஆப்தீகம்). Amavasya regular tharppaNam should be performed by the kartha from first amaavasya after sabindeekaranam.

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