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Namaskaram When someone passes away inthe family ans we have to observe the one year mourning period, what are the dos and donts during the festivals and pooja days. We cant make sweets or any bakshanam during major festivals. Can we still perform the poojai and in that case, what neivedhyam is allowed? We cant keep kolu during navarathri. But can we just offer manjal kumkum to ladies? It is quite confusing as each person states different practices. Kindly clarify.


Answer: During the one full year of mourning period, visits to any Temple with Dwajasthambam, Hill station temple visits and Theertha yatra are not to be undertaken. However, regular and daily pooja at home is to be continued. What you simply prepare at home can be offered as Naivedyam.

Though no festivals to be celebrated, offering of Manjal/Kungkumam to visiting guests is permissible. No kolu at home; partaking in any Kolu at others home is to be avoided.

Oh, if I put the entire donts during these period, people might even get scared to observe the entire procedures and skip observing it in total ! Yes, the strict adherence needs on many counts - viz. the Kartha not to shave for that period and grow deeksha (beard) till the aabdeekam, not to use pillows or cushion  beds, no sexual union, avoid taking food from outside places, not to attend any marriage or other auspicious functions, not to partake foods in other Srardhams either as guest or as Bhokta; fasting on all Amavasya, beginning date of each Tamil calander month, fasting the day earlier to every masyam day and so on! Considering the present days circumstances and overseas stays by many, lets try to adhere to maximum possible extent that is practicable.

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Namaskaram This year Mahabarani and Puratassi Masa Pirappu comes on the same day. Which tharpanam should one do. Kindly advise. raghuraman


Answer: Masapirappu is a monthly recurrence but MahaabharaNi is falling once in a year. So Mahabharani tharpaNam is to be performed. (.எது அதீதமோ, அதையே அனுஷ்டிக்கவேண்டியது)

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Hi, We are only two daughters for our parents. My father is completing 60 years this birthday. As daughters we want to do sashtiapthapoorthi for him. My father does poonal changes during avani avattam religiously but does not do santhya vanthanam as a daily practice due to work. Because he had not been doing Santhya Vandanam daily, can we not arrange sashtiaptha poorthi for him?? What does the shastra say?? Please clarify. Please advise. Padma


Answer: You can arrange and celebrate the Sashtiyabthapoorthi. Birthday celebrations are not coming in the Relegious tenets and it is known as Laukeekam.  Let him do the daily routines at least in his retired life!

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Swami, We practice fasting on Ekadasi Days. But I am confused, if the day falls on Fridays, should ladies observe fast? This year Sankaranthi Festival is on Ekadasi day. Is it proper to fast on Festival day?


Answer: Ekadasi is important and the week days are not counted for fasting. So one can observe Ekadasi irrespective of the weekday or other festivals day it falls.

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Respected Sir, Namaskaram. I have asked this question two times in the past 2-3 weeks but was not blessed with your advice. My question might not have been transmitted due to net problems. Hence I am requesting once again. Kindly advise whenever I perform Thirumanjanam for Saligrama perumal, can I perform for small perumal vigrahams (brass) which I have in my pooja mandiram ? Also advise as to how I can clean the perumal vigrahams (brass) to keep them neat and clean.....Kindly advise me on this...Adiyen..


Answer:  It is not advisable to perform Vigraha Aaradhana at home unless a person has taken Deeksha and proper guidance availed. However, Salagrama aaradhanam can be performed on daily basis from the day of Grahasthasramam. You can clean the idols as you do it regularly for other pooja vessel items. 

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