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Grateful if you would list out Dos and Donts during the Mahalaya Paksham. Unable to find any authentic material on this. Thanks Angaraian


Answer : Dos and dont s - simple guidance for Mahalayam - Pithru Paksham:

For those who perform the regular TharpaNam should perform the MahaLaya tharpaNam on all the 15 days of Mahalaya Paksham; if not possible to do it on all days, one must, at least, do it on their Pithru thithis, MahabharaNi, Madhyashtami and on Mahalaya Amavasya. If possible, one day with food/dakshina offering to one or two eligible Brahmins (i.e. with BrahmmaNa bhojanam). If it is not possible, then one can offer Raw Rice, Raw Banana, Green gram, black gram, Jaggery and with Betal leaves/nuts and dakshina. Offering of silver coins or silver pieces to a Brahmin during the Mahaya Paksha is said to please the Pithru Gana, the departed and elevated souls. According to ones own personal conditions and resources, one can offer this to their liking if comfortable.

It is advisable not to partake in any parties where outside food is served,  others Srardham etc. and to avoid taking food from outside eateries. For all the TharppaNa days, one has to observe fasting during night time; for those elderly, sick and aged persons can have some fruits or some light cerals instead of full meals at night. (However, taking food at Sisters, Uncles and paternal/maternal aunties are not considered as outsiders!).

The usage of prohibited vegetables such as Onion, garlic, cabbage, Raddish, drumstick, cauliflower etc. to be avoided and only known Srardha vegetable items to be used for cooking at home. Even usage of Bengal gram is not allowed during these fifteen days of pithru paksha. In simple terms the entire procedure are just as one follows for a regular srardham day.

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Can I be informed, if SAHASRA CHANDRA DARSHANA SHANTI is to be performed by Iyengars? or rather Srivaishnavites. I am told it is essentially only the Smarthas who do.


Answer: For Srivaishnavites, it is not a practice to perform the same. However, alongwith Ayush Homam, Vaishnavas used to perform Purusha Sooktha, Sri Sooktha, and or Sri Sudarsana Homam.

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Adiyen Dasan can we do Ekadesi Viradam during Mahalaya Patcham period; There is an Ekadesi this friday, which falls during the Mahalaya patcham period. Some say cannot fast By the way, adiyens father attained Acharyan Thiruvadi on Ekadesi day and he was 102 when he passed away your esteemed opinion in this regard will be much appreciated; is there writings on this matter? dasan Badri


Answer: Fasting, for those who perform regular tharpaNam, is supposedly there for all the fifteen days of Mahalaya Paksha (Pithru paksham) and Eakadasi thithi always there among the fifteen Thithis! All others can observe Ekadasi even during these Mahalaya Paksham.

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Namasthe TRS Iyengar Swamy, I have a question regarding Vasthu. For Sri Vaishnavite Iyengars , is it necessary to buy a house that is Vasthu-compliant? Do you think that Vasthu can affect a true Vaishnavite who has surrendered to Sriman Narayana? Is it necessary to buy a house which is built according to the Vasthu Sastra? Thanks, Lakshmi



Answer: Once you surrender and take SaraNAgati, you need not see some unimportant things. But Vastu is just a check for structural and landscape compatibility for any individual and nothing more to it. To cover oneself, he/she wears a dress. To cover and shelter, we need a home to reside. Won’t one consider wearing a neat and clean cloth? Likewise, you can find a place (home) with a compatible place for living in peace. There is nothing more to it. And the Lord will not drop you from the list of his devotees!

Those who surrendered to the Lord why they need a Muhurtham? Why can’t they choose a Saturday or Tuesday? Or during the Tamil months Aani, Purattasi, Margazhi and Panguni - when Vastu Purusha sleep? Why they want to enter on an auspicious day? For ardent Srivaishnavites, brainwashed with fear psychosis, leaving behind the rationale thoughts, they can leave Vastu alone and enter the new house on any Krishna paksha Ashtami or Navami and during Rahu kalam or Yamagandam as auspicious day since both hapapen to be Lords own favorite birth/Avatar days!

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I want to visit kanchi varadaraja perumal temple/vadaraja temple I will start from bangalore at 6am by shatabdi express which is the nearest railway station. Distance from that railway station to kanchi The temple timings


Answer: Temple open on normal days between 6 and 11 am and 4 and 9 pm. There are plenty of town buses and Auto rickshaws available to cover the distance, less than 4 kms.

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