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Sir - My relative (Chithappa - fathers blood brother and not cousin) expired recently. What is the procedure for observing theettu? I have the below questions 1. How many days we should observe? (we means my generation and next generation like my son / daughter). 2. We were asked to change the poonul on the 13th day (sudbasweekaram) day, light the lamp at Sannidhi, apply kolam. Till 13th day, we didnt do anything - is this the right way? 3. We were told not to go to any temples for 30 days and avoid hill / malai temples for one year (i.e temples like thirupathi / thiruneermalai / ahobilam to be avoided for one year whereas other temples are okay). 4. What are the things we should be observing for another one year? I know we should not be celebrating functions like pongal, etc. i.e. all events where vadai, payasam is done to be avoided till the next year? 5. What about Navarathri in case if it falls within one year? 6. Are we supposed to observe Marghazi (preparing pongal every day morning and reciting Thiruppavai) ? I do not have Saligramams in my place. I have not got Samasranam yet. Our usual practice everyday is to light lamp, offer fruits or whatever we prepared after taking bath at the Sannidhi, apply kolam - should we continue doing this. Apologies if I have listed too many questions. But I want to know the right dos & donts Thank you so much.


Answer: For immediate paternal side brothers and cousins for first generation, one ought observe the mourning as one does it for their own parents. Yes, one full year mourning; no temple visits/theertha yAtra etc. Most importantly to avoid visiting any Divya Kshetram temples that has the Dwaja-sthambam; rest other non-specific temple can be visited. It is right that your vaadyar has guided you correctly.

For one full year, there is no festivity including Navaratri. However, daily and routine ThiruvArAdhanam can be done including the Margazhi Aradhanam and ThirupAvai recitals too can be done on regular basis.

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Sir, recently my father had demised and I had done all rituals at Rajahmundry as per our hindu customs and still I want to do some type of activity so that my fathers soul be happy and satisfactory always.


Answer: You can do the monthly mAsyams regularly on that thithi of his departure. Also to perform the Oona maasikams such as 27th, 45th day and the 6th month as stipulated by your Vaadyar. And living upto their expectations would certainly shower their blessings on you more aptly. You can also perform the Gaya Srardham after the Aabdeekam.

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My father in law passed away on 27.09.12. I want to know the rituals to be perfomed in the next 12 days. We are in the process of doing that. But still i want to know in detail. My husband has one elder brother and one elder sister. Both married.


Answer:  Normally, the pithru pindam is to be offered daily from day one. But now a days, for want of time and other resources, it is done from the 9th day.  On this 9th day, the offer pindam for all the previous 8 days and the Vaasothatha/thilOthatha tharppanam is performed. 10th day as Dasaaham (prabhootha-bhali), 11th day Ekodishta srardham (known as aadhya maasikam or the first masyam) and on the 12th day Sabindeekaranam. 13th day Subha sweekaram. On all these days no outstation visits, no outside foods to be taken. Kartha has to go fasting during the night on all these 12 days and also on Amavasya, monthly masiyam days etc. Amavasya tharppaNam is to be performed from the first amavasya after the Sabindeekaranam.

The first one year till the aabdeekam is said to be mourning period; during this time, no pilgrimage, visit to any hill station temples or doing/performing any auspicious functions at home etc. to be followed. As your husbands elder brother will be performing the monthly Srardha masikams, you have to be present at the place regularly and partake in the masyams during that period and avail the pithru sesham known as pithrus blessings. Normally, no Kolams aka rangoli displayed at the fore entrance of home during one year. However, after the 13th day, regular thiruvaradhanam, lighting lamps at the home/sannithi is to be done. No festivities. (Oh, you are mentioning 27th Sept as date of demise on the 24th of Sept? As no phone number is given, I am unable to verify the date).

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