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Dear Sir,I f Dharbam the holy grass is not available, can Sandhyavandanam be performed by wearing Pavithram made of gold? - Kavetha Kannan


Madam, there is no substitute for Dharbam. If it is not available, nothing wrong in performing without the same. Yet, the recital values & vibrations of the Mantras are not disturbed because of non availability of Dharbam. Yes, one can perform the daily routine rituals without Pavithram, in case of non availability.

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can womans do pooja with saligramaam?if no why?i heard that mens are only allowed to do pooja.what are all the good things when we have saligramam in houses?


To perform Saligrama Pooja, one needs to get training from an experienced Guru which is taught to men from the day of marriage. As one has to recite and chant various slokhas and hyms during the Salagrama Aaradhanam, women were not allowed to perform this sort of Pooja. More over, the menstrual cycle course are another hindrance. However, women too can take part in performing Aaradhana whilst husband or father performs same. Women too can do the neivedhyam part and present the preparations to the God.

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Namaskarams, In todays modern and womens liberated times,divorce is slowly becoming a reality around us in friends & relatives,not only among NRIs but also in India.Although it is still stigmatised in India especially SriVaishnavite practices,it is becoming an unavaoidable price of Westernisation & modernisation of India.More so for the thousands of Brahmins going abroad in lure of green notes.Please give an enlightening insight into how our Hindu tradition,especially Vaishnavite culture views it in terms of Karmaphala,Paapam,Pariharam & Praayschitham for those who already arevictims of this painful folly. Would like to take this opportunity to also congratulate the people behind this site for the quality of content and great service rendered to Vaishanavites throughout the world for this wonderful and enlightening site. Regards Vijay


Answer: Marriage, a thousands of year affair, with good progeny and a healthy generation to continue - has now reduced to shameless act of divorce. In many cases, the give and take policy in day to day life is becoming one sided affair, only take and no return. This can safely be said in the case of both partners. Moreover, the freedom given to the younger generations from the childhood days are, in many cases misused to find their own way, rather than accepting the traditional way of finding a partner. In some cases, the marriages are fixed by the younger, then approved by their parents! This is in contrast to the traditional way, where elders decide on this matter. Just because they were brought up in an atmosphere and circumstances, where the traditional values are forgotten. Nevertheless, parents themselves are to be blamed in many cases, as they did not bring them up within their fold and never thought of teaching them the values and ethos of our own culture. Ego and personality clashes, differences in personal nature that causes the splits rather than accepting and adjusting to the reality; Not giving any value to the progeny and future generation thoughts. In all my researches within our community, what I found is, the most astonishing factors that I list below: 1. Economic freedom and employment opportunity with higher pay slab causes to gain upper-hand; the trend is mostly reversing the home maker status is now to be the other way round, if not sharing the burden. 2. Many feels, settling in overseas, mainly in the US of A with a green card is sole concern and for this sake, they do not mind cheating! By hoock or crook, their interest is to land and avail the card. Then the drama unfolds. I am telling this fact, that even among the boys are it is their dream. 3. If born and brought up in a high rich families, these trends are some how escapes; the middle class families dreams are too high to state here. But the lower middle and economically lower families are some how coping with the situations to stick together, rather than going for a divorce. 3. Parting and divorcing has become a norm with some elite families that I observed all along. May be, they think it is a kind of social strata that they choose or ignore the values to their personal benefits. 4. I know a family in the US, whose wife deserted her husband after 17 years of living with him; that too having two grown up children, now with their father. She just left only to get more rich and married an American willingly! Leaving behind her own issues, a boy of 14 years and a girl of 16 years. Just for sheer luxury life style. I am worried, where these sort of marriages will lead them to. It is a shame to the humankind that for sheer lust for money, luxury & comforts they sacrifice ethical values and break the bondage. I do have an idea of analyzing this specific factor in a separate page, under the lifestyle articles on this social stigma; in every possible ways and means, that we need to organize and avoid such breaking in bondages. A solution ought to be found out for this sort of dilution, that will be acceptable to every quarter.

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Sir, I am from a very ritualistic south indian brahmin family.I have never missed any ekadashi fast in my life and do recite all mantras taught by my grand parents.I am 28 years old and am married to a punjabi non brahmin boy who was very keen on our


Basically Poonal or Yagnjopaveetham is a must only for Brahmans for them to protect from heredity diseases that might occur due to genetical factors.(Read my article on Yagnjopaveetham in my web site For your husband it is not a must so you need not worry about it. Following the rituals sincerely and adhering to its principle alone is sufficient to be a Brahman in practical. A poonal or the Holy Thread is certainly not a show that Brahmans are class apart. Nor it can be an identity for them to prove. A true Brahman is called "Bahu Jana Priya" the one who loves the downtrodden and helps them to their upliftments. I am happy, even after marrying a person from another caste, you strictly follow the rituals apart from bringing your husband too to the salvation path. All the best.

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Why is the banana plant used in the Hindu religious ceremonies.?


The auspiciousn functions are notable with full grown Banana trees placed in both sides at the entrance of the place where the function is held. It is an indication that some sort of joyous and auspicious function is held in that specific place. This indication is a notice to any entrant who visits this place and specifically a warning and to avoid with any other inauspicious or grave news spreading inside the joyous celebration hall. This is to maintain the positive approach, a person with grief or sorrow avoids getting in and the celebration mood prevails all around.. Banana leaves are used for food serving in Every Hindu festicals/functions because: 1. There can only be single use, so there is no contamination of diseases and / spreading diseases due to saliva mix ups and contamination is avoided. 2. It is easily bio degradable and mother Earth gets her value back within 30 days as manure! ( Think of plastic materials which take around 300 years for bio-degradation) 3. If used often and daily, there is need to plant and grow more trees; thus the surroundings become green. This way ecological balancing is maintained. 4. Normally every banana tree grows upto 22 feet in height. Its leaves are so broad that they intake the polluted carbons and emit more oxygen to the surroundings, thus environmentally, the surroundings becomes more fresh with more oxygen. This way pollution is controlled to a maximum extent. 5. If any hot food is served on these leaves, the carbon contents in the leaves are emitted through the centre nerve portion, so that the served food is left without any slow poisoning effects. 6. Banana contains more fibre essence which is most vital to maintain our neurological system. So they used serve first with banana fruits and sweet at the start of food serving. To know more please read my acticle on this subject at the site : "GoBananas"

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