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Dear Sir, i wish to introduce myself as Sowgandhika. Im a Madhwa Kannada Brahmin from tamilnadu, brought up in Mumbai. I am married to a vadagalai I. yIngar i have some questions regarding the vikruthi calendar sir, sri narasimha jayanthi according to the calendar in your website fell on 27th May, 2010, however, according to other calendars it was on 26th May, 2010. could you explain why there was this difference? By sri jayanthi on 1st Sept and 2nd september do you mean srikrishna jayanthi? thanks for an extremely informative website. warm regards sowgandhika krishnan


Answer: According to Pancharatra agama the same was held on 26th May. Sri Jayanthi is Sri Krishna Jayanthi, thats how Srivaishnavas call the festival! The followers of Sri Ahobila Mutt and Pancharatra celebbrate it on the 2nd while the Vaikanasa agama and Andavan Ashram /Munithraya sampradaya followers celebrate it on the 1st of Sept. 2010.

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can we perform homam for house on chandrasthma day.


Answer: No is the answer. For any auspicious function, Chandrashtama days of the performer & his/her partner should be avided and not to have Moon in the 8th house to the selcted day of Muhurtha.

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NAMASKARAM. Sir my grandfather expired on 7-4-10.his Varshabdhigam is on march 2011[24,25,26,27],the issue is my parents are willing to perform the Varshabdhigam and the gayashratham in GAYA(kasi). Since the Varshabdhigam involves 4 days i.e...Unnaabthigam, Sodhakumbham, Varshabdhigam, thadhiarathanai.Can it be done there?kindly advise..........


Answer: Gaya Srardham can only be performed on completion of Varshabdeekam!. One can do the Gaya Srardham on the same Thithi but on any other month also later.

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Dear Sir, I have a kind of generic question. I could not find a category above, where it would exactly fit. Still, I somehow felt I could get a good explanation from you. Thank you for your time. yesterday, March 6th, 2009, I went to perform a remedy in Agatheeswarar temple here in Villivakkam, Madras, as suggested by a respected astrologer I have come to consult, recently. as part of the pariharam, after i had donated the clothes i was wearing, and changed into a different set, I was asked to sprinkle some water from the temple pond on my body. i was about to descend the stairs down to the pond. a priest was seated on the way with a beneficiary, on the way, performing some archana/puja, after the person had done pariharam for Naga Dosham. The priest handed me a pot, like a kalasam, with turmeric water in it, asked me to throw it in the pond and bring some water back from the pond, on my way back. i was hesitant. but he said it very casually and i did as he suggested and went back on my way to finish the rest of my remedial ritual. the priest who did the pariharam for me, he said, its nothing to worry. but somehow, it wont leave my mind. as such i have enough troubles and i hope i have incurred anything new. i very much appreciate your time. i would be very happy to get a response from you. With Sincere Thanks, Lakshmi


Answer: There is nothing to worry about this incident. It is very common amongst many priests to take the help of other visitors to the site to avail help. There is no harm in your act. You can surely get the satisfaction of helping some one on a small matter. Parobhakaaram hitham sareeram! There will be no ill effect on this factor and you can simply forget about it. Be happy, that you might even have got the blessings of the priest for helping him!

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Dear Sir, I have noticed a priest reusing the Dharbai (Pavithram) at our Temple in Wellington, New Zealand. I have always believed that you cannot do this, as we are normally asked to undo the knot and discard the Dharbai after a ceremony. Can you please offer your advice on this? Thanks Raghu


Answer: Yes, one can reuse the Same dharbam again and again for 7 times! But there is some conditions for this re-usage; when there is no fresh dharbam available, the used ones are from some auspicious function and it is certainly not used for any other inauspicous function. Your priest is right in doing so, if he followed the given guidelines for reusage. The same is clarified in the article about Dharbam in the page URL: .

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