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What is the sanctity of Madisar saree?



Firstly,the Panchkacham Dhothi and the Madisar saree of Srivaishnavite style returns the energy revibrated to one own body thus the loss of energy is minimal. Secondly, it is said that it also controls the gorwth of flabs in and around naval portion thus pot belly is not grown if used regularly. And most importantly, the falling hair from body parts are protected thus not contaminating the surroundings. Wherein the regular saree (kosuvam) these benefits are not given. More so, the attraction for young and aged one alike, the Madisar saree is  certainly adds beauty;  now a days, even the modern trend in the western country too admires such saree wearing style!

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K.V. Raghavan, New Delhi. How one has to observe the Sravana viradham (on Thiruvonam star). I want to observer very strict sravana viradham. Please advise me what should I eat at dinner to complete the viradham. Or I should not eat at all for all three times. Please do advise for my wife also for the same viradham. Secondly, is it okay for myself and my wife can observe sravana viradham together every month. Yours Truely, K.V. Raghavan



As it is for any other vradham, on the sravana nakshatra days too one has to observe fasting - if sound enough to withstand a whole day fasting. For seniour citizens and children can take broken rice or cerals; whole day, concentration & meditation would add benefits. And should avoid talking much (if possible, though very difficult to do so) one can even observe silence for that day and chant & recite Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam or Pancha sooktham etc. Almost, the system is equal that of Ekadasi Vradham. Offering nivedhyam to Lord and then breaking the fasting is suggested on the next day only with some liquid diet. This is only for the fit and able persons.

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Namaskaram, My name is Raghavan living in Delhi for the last 15 years. I am a thengalai ieyngar. My question is eventhough, I am a big devotee of Venkatajalapati, somehow I got attracted to Lord Shiva and I started linga abisheakam with water every day at home. is it okay being a ieyngar person, performing daily pooja for shiva? Also, is it okay to have a shiva lingam at home. Please advise but dont ask me to keep the lingam away from my house. I think I will not be able to do that.


Answer: As per the Dharma Shastra, if a person from Iyengar community has taken the Samasrayanam from any of the Sects Guru (Achaaryan - Jeer), then one has to strictly adhere to his Gurus teachings and follow in principle, all the guidence given as per the specific sect. (Oordhvam, Pundareekam, Samasrayanam, Saranagathi - Surrender etc.) If you have not taken the Pancha Samskara route of Srivaishnavite traditions, then youre free to worship any Diety as you feel deem fit. By the way, according to the philosaphical thoughts, all the prayers are aimed at one destination - attaining mental happiness and Mukti. The path are diversive but the aim is same. More so, the different methodical prayers are in effect and in force, only since few thousands year ago. During Vedic Era, there were no split ups but persons from same family used to worship different daiety, according to their faith. Interestingly, Kalki Sri Ra. Krishnamoorthy used describe these trends in one of his famous & successful novels - Ponniyin Selvan. The Charecter taken for the discussion is "Azhwarkadiyaan" who is shown a staunch Sri Vaishnavite but his elder brother used to worship Lord Shiva! No, I will never ask anyone to deviate from their faith and beliefs. In Sanadhana Dharma, one has the full liberty to choose his/her own Lord & God! Faith and belief combined with Bhakthi is more important than the identity of any Idols. Thats the Essence of Sanaathana Dharma.

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Namaskaram. My wife is working in the medical field in a reputed institution in Delhi and she wants to study further while she works in the same institution. But getting admission in her institution is verry dificult as seats are limited for forward caste like us. She is really preparing well. She wants to ask you what kind of slogas that she has to recite every day (please prvodie if it is possible) and what kind of viradham that she has to keep. Please do advise her.


Answer: You can refer the page on Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam & Nakshatra, select the phrase that concern to her birth Star (Janma Nakshatram) in the Vishnu Sahasranamam and recite it daily at available time. In addition, Shravana Vradham (fasting on the Thiruvonam star days) would help gain ishta karya siddhi (fulfilment of reasonable wishes). My best wishes for her to secure a seat at the desired place.

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K.V. Raghavan, New Delhi. Namaskaram, -  Would you please tell me something about ekadesi viradham and its benefits and how one has to follow during these viradham.  Would you please tell me something about ekadesi viradham and its benefits and how one has to follow during these viradham. Also, why one should not eat rice during ekadesi.  Also, why one should not eat rice during ekadesi. Would please tell me what is the ideal sloga one has to recite to get rid of his enemies who is giving him a trouble continuesly and constantly. Thanks


Answer:You may please refer this page for a detailed benefits of fasting. The very basic reason for providing a link is to give proper guidance about the articles that are listed in this site but might have missed ones view. As stated earlier, Sri Vishnu sahasranamam and other sookthams are recommended for that day. Also, Sri Vedantha Desikars sthothra maala too is recommended. To get rid of enemies, Sri Sudarsana Ashtakam and Sri Sudarsana Gayathri are recommended.

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