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Thanks a lot for your prompt answer for my previous question about yajnopaveetham for my husband. Since I have been taught about daily pooja by women ,I do it regularly.Also I was told that tulsi leaves are to be plucked only by men and not women.Is it so? I face this problem since when my husband is away on job commitments there is nobody to pluck it.Can you please guide me?


The commonly known Tulsi is very powerful and a too sensitive plant. It is known as Sacred Basil or Holy Basil in English and the Botonical Latin name is : Osimun Basilicum. You just cannot describe its values in terms as of any other ordinary plant.. It has highest medicinal values in addition to its devine in nature. Lord Sri Mahavishnu is called "Tulasi Priya". Because of its sensitivity in nature, it is advised, it is not plucked by women in general, or atleast during their mensus course. This might cause the plant to get dried sooner. Iit should not be plucked before or after sun rise & set. It should be plucked without using the nails before 12 noon. And one should do soonly after cleansing their body & mind. Before doing so, a prayer must be offered daily which is in Sanskrit - I roughly give in phonetic English : "Vrindaayai Thulasee Devyai, Priyaayai Kesavyasya Cha, Kesavaarthe sinomi Dhwaam Varadhaa bhava sarvatha:"

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Dear Sir, What are the rituals/prayers that Iyengar ladies should perform daily?


According to Srivaishnava Sathaachara Nirnaya there are a lot of postings given for women to do her daily rituals. But in to days world, it is not practicable entirely. However, the most vital & important Sthree Dinasarya is listed for every Sumankali to follow. Raise before ones husband at the early morning 3.30 4.00 AM (it is known as Brahma Muhurtham). Follow your routines. Do perform Achanamam by in taking drops of water thrice, first by pronouncing Achyutha, second Anantha and third one by calling Govinda. Recite Thiruppalliyezuchi, then prabhandham etc. Prepare all the arrangements for the Nithya Thriuvaaradhanam, which will be performed by Husband. Help in your husbands every act. Be kind, polite, and soft; and do every act of yours by devoting your mind and soul to the one, the Pathi. Light the Lamp, in the morning & evening. Be as clean as a Crystal. Serve the Lord, by helping and serving your Husband. Bring up the children, as honest and believers of the Lord, for they are the leaders of tomorrows world. Help them to learn in their studies and prayer, which is most important. Prepare and feed them as tasty as it should be. Your every step and act should keep the entire family in a well knit one with joy and happiness. Elaborating the other rituals will make one to laugh in todays modern world. Most of the thing deal in hygiene and personal in nature, which the modern science take much more care than the scripts. Chanting some of the vedic scripts are prohibited by women. It is in the better interest of womans glory. Please read the reasons for same at :

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Wearing a ring on a particular finger means something,(eg) finger next to small finger on left hand signifys marriage What is the meaning of wearing rings on other fingers of the hand Thumb Small finger Middle finger fore finger? Thankyou


Thumb - connected to sexual organs hence any friction in this finger might cause disturbing effect in mind and act. Fore finger - for prosperity, wisdon, knowledge and peace. Middle finger - the nerve passes through the brain divider line hence it is better no be disturbed with any metalic friction. Little finger for memory power, learning capacity, administrative skills, etc. When a planet is weak in ones horoscope, then he/she is advised to wear a particular stone/ring to offset the ill effects of the weak planet. Generally these sort of Ring with stone is a suggestive to gain some value by getting the right combination of mineral contents and the cosmic radiation of a specific gem stone.

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During the chanting of tiruppavai can we chant manthras of mangalshasanam


As per the rituals, Mangalasaasanam should be chanted seperately at the end. Otherwise, it can be chanted seperately after an interval. For any Manthra slokham or Vedic recital should always be at the end or on completion of Thiruppavai only. This is just only to give concurrence to the paasurams. This has been practiced at many a places.

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Dear Sir, Why is that onion and garlic should be avoided in food? Thanks - Kavetha Kannan


It is a matter of fact that the oil substance available in the Garlic and Onion are with very bad odors. More so in the Onion which causes bad breath. In addition, the oily substance traces are stored in the skin layers which causes some abnormality in skin conditions. Over and above, the sweat emanated from the regular onion consumers body is very difficult tolerate. If regularly consumed, then the skin layers absorb the oil and this is likely to carried on to the next generation too! (Thats what you call as genetical factor!) Normally, Srivaishnavites & Jains in general avoid using onion for this main count. In addition to this, the Onion is likely to cause some imbalance in the reproductivity organs and the sperm or ovum count drastically fluctuates to the lower counts. Though, no medical analogy is yet available on this, the Srivaishnavites believe it is to be true. That is the main reason it is advisable to avoid these two stuffs in your food items. However, garlic can be used for some medicinal purposes when warranted.

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