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How effective is wearing the gems into ones life? if it is, will you pls. recommend me the right one.Thanks


Answer: The cosmic radiation plus the mineral value combined together said to offset the weaker planets malefic influences. By wearing appropriate stone to the prescribed size, certainly give positive effects. One should consult an experienced astrologer to get the right stone & size.

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Good Morning sir. According to rahu planets, consume the essence of blade grass daily. what is meant by blade grass and where to get from that, please suggest me and where to buy them.


Answer: It is known as Arukampul (அருகம்புல்) in Tamil and dhruva in Hindi.

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Respected sir, i am from srirangam trichy ,my father expired last year ,we did all the last rights sincerly but unfurtunately we forgot to do the 45th day una masigam ,sir i would like to know whether there are any options for this because we are facing many obstacles nowadays ,please help me sir.


Answer: If any of the Oona masikam not performed, then one should forget about it totally as there is no alternate to this. 27 to30 days but before 1st Masyam, then 41-45 days, then 171-180 days and the Oona Abdeekam before aabdeekam but within 355 days it is to be performed. As a pariharam, during Mahalaya paksha you can do the hiranya srardham to get relief for the sake of your athma thrupti.

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Would like to know whether we can shift residence during mahalayam


Answer:  NO. Also during the Tamil months Aani, Purattasi, Margazhi & Panguni months, it is not advisable to shift the house.

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Namaskaram, We are vadagalai iyengars planning to perform the upanayanam for our kid who is 7 yrs old during the month of Maasi. We would like to know the following. 1. As per our vadhiyar, the child should have seen 82 amavasyas before upanayanam. Is that true. My son was born on 20th May 2005. Is he eligible for upanayanam during maasi. 2, If the muhurtham is late, can the udayasanthi be performed on the same day . Is it advisable. Which is more auspicious - doing it on the before day evening or on the same day. 3. Now a days we could see people giving gifts during upanayanam. Which is more advisable - giving gifts or dress materials. Sir, request your advise in this regard for us to proceed further. Regards Vaidehi


Answer: Yes, Your vadyaar is correct. At the begenning of 7th year, Brahmmobadesam to be performed. Many are unaware of these facts in these days.

Conducting Udhagashanthi the earlier day is always the best. Now-a-days, for want of time and resources, it has become normal to perform it on the Muhurtham day itself.

The most important gift for the Vadu: biksha - Rice and Bengal gram; any silver item; as no one uses Dhoti etc on regular daily basis because of some compulsions viz. school going and other social implications, it is recommended to offer him cash/gift cheque as presentation, that he can save for his future education needs. Though, I am listing the practical ones! For other general and specific clarifications on Upanayanam, you can refer this URL: .


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