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Does really the planets have any influence on individuals life ? How can one believe this theory?


The Modern science tell us that Sun & Moon combination causes some vacuum in the atmosphere which causes the low and high tide of the seas and ocean. The earth contains more than 70% water when the planetary influence can cause such a drastic change in the ocean, why it cannot make the same effect on human body? Your body too contains around 70% watery. Further more, the cosmic rays and radiation too are influencing ones thoughts, thinking and behavioral pattern. Hope this clarifies the doubt about planetary influences on the earth.

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Dear Mr. Iyengar, My Name is Satish Kumar. I would like to know the difference between Western & Vedic Astrology. Im sure this not a personnel question it is a general clarification for many people so Pl do answer & also upload the same in your website 1. Is there any difference in prediction when compared to Western & Vedic Astrology. 2. I have received correct prediction from both types of astrology Western & Vedic Astrology. 3. Should We follow a) Vedic Or Western. b) Both Western & Vedic Astrology. c) Only Vedic or only western for modern times. 4. For wedding compatibility also should we consider a) Both, Western & Vedic Astrology. b) Vedic Or Western c) only Vedic or only western, For E.g,.. My Moon Sign is Mithuna & Ardra Nakshatra. Sun Sign (As per western Astrology) It is Virgo. 5. If Vedic astrology is matching & Western Astrology does not match is Ok or should both match Or any one type of astrology matches i.e., Sun Sign Or Moon Sign, is it Ok. Pl clarify My doubt, why are we having so many types of astrology, if not pl guide me, where can I get the required information. Thanks In Advance Regards Satish Kumar B V Bangalore March 25, 2008


The undeniable fact is, every practice is depending on the local needs, whether food, cloth or education. Thus, according to the local needs, topographical conditions and customs, every subject is conceived. Here in this case too, the needs arose according to the local conditions. More so, Vedic Astrology is based on stellar system that is calculated from the Lunar months. Also, the twenty eight constellations is roughly taken into account for 360 degrees and variations in the Ayanamsa is also taken into account for the difference in remainder Nakshatra for any particular day. Here again, each stars known as nakshatra are divided into four equal quarters known as padam thus one gets 108 divisions within the 360 degrees of 12 signs, each sign having 30 degrees. So, the Vedic astrology deals to minutes of each persons birth chart that is more precise than western subject. Wherein, the Western system groups all those born in a specific month in one zodiac sign which is tend to give a mere rough prediction in general and would not be even near to the Indian system. (However, there is also another western method that uses almost same methodical calculations as that of Vedic Astrology, but this too based on Solar system). Moreover, the Sun signs allocated predictions are only indicative thus not giving the entire planetary alignment into thorough, such nakshatra Dasa, Moola Dasa or Ashtavarga pinda etc. as that of Vedic system. The same applies to the marriage star matching too, as one gets wider options to find the compatibility in Indian system. Now one can easily judge which is more accurate. So, it is recommended to follow Vedic System of Astrology which is more authentic and near accuracy can by found. The prevailing system of each countrys practice might differ, yet common. However, Hindu Indian Vedic Astrology system delves so deep and has more wider scope as far as prediction is concerned. Which is not available in the Western system. Nowadays, even the western astrologers are turning to the Vedic system to gain more insight.

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I was born on 08-11-1981 at 1.25 AM. One astroleger told me that i am having kuja dosham(Mars is positioned in the 8th house ) . I would like to know to what extent it is going to effect my marriage if i got married to a girl without kuja dosham.


Answer: Please read the article on Navagraha Preethi in this same site, where it is clearly given about the meaning for Kuja Dosham known as Mangalik or Mars effect. You have not given the place of birth without which it is not possible to correctly state about your Mangal Dosh.

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Is it require to match horoscope for lovers? Is there any statement about lovers in vedic astrlogy? please kindly advise me. thanks& regards



 No. Not at all at the first place. Horoscope matching is not required for Rakshasa, Gandharva Vivaha etc. & the love marriage falls in this category. It is left to the destiny!

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Some Indian historians have predicted that hinduism as a religion wont survive very long. What is your perception about this?


Sri Vishnu Sahasranam states " Sambavami Yuge, YugE" means, that the Planet Earth gets started from the beginning during every Yugam. And in Kali Yuga, the Adharma raises to its peak that invites end to the whole world. But it is still in its first quarter i.e. 5109 years already passed and 426,891 years remaining out of total 432,000 years in Kali Yugam. so, worry not. Nothing can shake the Sanathana Dharma that will strive on its own strength even during this Kali Yuga.

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