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Dear Sir Im much interested to learn and master this ancient science - Hindu Vedic Astrology. At this moment i live in Chennai/ Nanganallur. I would sincerely appreciate if you can guide me in the right direction and set me as a student to an acclaimed and respected Guru. Regards\Ulaganathan alias Baranidharan.


Answer: Though there are many websites offering the Astrology lessons, I strongly recommend to log-in to become a member of Sri Jagannath Institute; this website offers scores of lessons with more accuracy and of course with a lots of research undertaken by them. You can also download a free software for horoscope making with many features. You can also distribute the software to anyone at free of cost and really the author Mr. P.V.R. Narasimha Rao deserves kudos for his life time achievements. Here are the links:Click Here for Astrology software;   For Learing Astrology please click here.  I strongly recommend you to visit these pages to gain more authentic knowledge on the subject. Best wishes,

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Namaskaram. Horoscope cast with Vakyaor Drig Ganita panchangam do not reveal Mars dosha for a girl born December 1, 1982 at 9hours 55 minutes AM in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. But the horoscope cast on the computer using, Krishnamoorthy, BV Raman and other ayanamsas does indicate Mars dosha (in the 8th house from Moon in Vrishaba). Whic horoscope is correct. Regards.


The Vakya Panchangam can just be taken for all the Festivals and Thitis for Srardha etc. but not for casting horoscope. The Thiru Ganitha panchangam can be used for erecting horoscope charts. However, in both cases related to the above, as per Bhava there is no Kuja dosham exist!

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Answer: Pithru Dosham can be classifid in many ways; it is said that the curse of departed souls, when going against their will, curses the person who defies their wish. In the Brahmin community, this can be classified to failure of performing the rituals, that are basically part of their birth Karma to perform the Pithru Karmas. In astrological point, if the fifth & 10th house lords are ill placed and the running dasa being that of the ill placed planets, this combines the Pithru dosham. There are two places mentioned in the scriptures to weed off the Curse. One being Sethu known as Rameswaram or at ThiruppullaNi and the other being Sholinghur, known as Pithru Kshetram which is situated about 20 kms from Arakkonam in Tamilnadu. Performing a Thila Homam at the former place and offering Anna Dhanam at Sholinghur are the Pariharam stipulated. The effect of Pithru Dosham in some cases only temporal and can be ridden off by offerings and pariharms. Generally, if the Karma is not performed then it lasts for three generations.If a Thila Homam is performed at Sethu, then even the life time curse vanishes!

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Question 7. For last few years say 18 years I am seeing lot of broken-down marriages, wrong predictions etc, is it because of this so called computer horoscopes as they were cast using tirukanitha system In tirukanitha system and vakiya system there is lot of difference. For example: in my horoscope: Sun is in only in 4 house from lagna and 5th house is occupied by Venus, Mercury and Kethu -> this is as per vakiya and as per Tirukanitha system: The 4th house is occupied by sun and venus and 5th house by Mercury and Kethu. In my sisters horoscope the rasi and navamsa are same for both systems but dasa bukti is different: in Vakiya her Venus dasa is 3-2-22 and in Tirukanitha it is 0 - 6 - 22. For some the star is different. For my cousin in vakiya it is uthiram and as per tirukanita it is pouram. Also dasa differs in two systems. For my sister according to Tirukanitha venus dasa balance was 6 months and 3 days whereas according to Vakiya it is 3years, two months and 20 days. Why is this so. Question 8. Why is this difference? If One astrologer says his predictions based on tirukanitha then the palans may entirely different from one told as per vakiya system.In my opinion, the reasons for wrong predictions is using Tirukanitha charts, as our rishis who devised the astrology in Veda, were using only Vakiya system, and their predictions were correct, I request you to kindly post your animadverts, as many like me will have this doubt.


Your assumptions that the marriages are broken only due to the horoscope matching itself is totally wrong. More so, at the first place, that many marriages are conducted without considering the horoscope aspect. The computer generated horoscopes are only of two decades old or a bit more. If this is done with more accurate time of birth, Ayanamsa, Longitude & Latitute, there is certainly brighter chances of getting a more accurate horoscope. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I list below the prevailing problem but there is no solution yet to fix uniformity over the subject. Also, your point on Rishins, Sages and Saints of yesteryears used only Vakya panchangam too is wrong. Certainly, even during the Vedic Era, there used to be Thirukganitham method which was widely used by Sri Aryabatta & Sri Bhaskaracharya! They were more authentic in calculations without the present days computer and calculators. There existed a fine combinations of selfless efforts without expecting any gains but only in their mind was the universal well-being of humans. They used to guide the Kings & Kingdoms with their knowledge and never did commercialize the subject for any personal gains as in todays fully commercialized world. In all fairness, only one system can be followed, whichever one has belief. But the system cannot be blamed for the failures just because one disbelieves in one. Even the almanacs known as Panchangam gives different versions of Thithis & Nakshatra; this one can easily judge from the different publications that is existence all over India. Despite the Governments honest efforts to bring about uniformity in publishing the scientific calculations through their Rashtriya Panchangam, there are only few takers. The private publishes thrive business, despite their lack of accuracy, whether thirukganitham or vakya Panchangam, only because of for generations they used a specific publications. If this is the case of the panchangams, that is widely used by different astrologers, there is bound to be difference. Even in the computerised horoscopes, different publishers uses variety of Ayanamsa. This too bound cause differences while making any horoscope. Moreover, one has to take the accurate Longitude & Latitude alongwith correct time of birth. Wherein, each programme lists slightly different Ayanamsa, Longitute & Latitude. All these are added to the confusion. Everyone should understand, that the subject astrology is only for a guidance and never should be taken as a final verdict. Finally, the destiny takes its own course of action whether one takes the astrologers guidance or not. In this commercialized and competitive world, people would find one or other astrologer as their savior when in distress. Till the time people understands the limitedness of the subject, there ought to be some disagreement on every count of programme that is freely available over the internet. Within my limited knowledge and expertise, I am trying to focus on the basics. I can not claim myself as a master of the subject. There are thousands of Brahmmarishis and Pithamahas (a few self proclaimed ones can be excluded!) One genuine person taking a lots of research and came out with many convincing replies is Mr. PVR Narasimma Rao of Sri Jagannath Center; you can visit this website and get some insights and answers to your queries.A team of learned and experienced professionals are there to give you more convincing reply. You can also download a free horoscope software (no prediction part but only with error free calculations and many other features included). With this programme, you can also check for sure with different ayanamsa and find the results. A free near accurate Atlas with Longititude & Latitude of big towns & cities also included. The programme is of about less than 100 MB.

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What is the basic difference between the South Indian Astrology & the North India astrology.


Answer:  Basically there is nothing much difference excepting the writing of a chart is clock-wise for the south Indians and in Northern parts of India they write the chart anti clock-wise. The entire rules are one and the same for all. In the Eastern part of India too, they write the chart map in a different way but the star, stellar and planets are the same with predictions and foretelling are of from the base/root of Vedic Astrology. Other than this, there is nothing much difference. While they star matching is taken, they consider 36 Gunas in other parts while the same is counted for 10 point matching known as Vivaha Dasa Porutham.

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