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Dear Sir My humble salutations to you.I have finalised the marriage of my son with the blessings of elders.I would like to solemnise the marriage in the tamil month of Thai in Sarvadahari Varusham.I am informed that the month of Thai in Sarvadhari Varusham is not good as the month does not have Guru Parvai for its entire length.Kindly advise me as I am getting conflicting opinions. with best regards sir, S.Mohan


There is no general Muhurtham available during the Tamil month Thai. However, one can conduct the marriage on the 1st or 6th February 2009 with doing the Sani & Guru Preethi. This also, only if the star is suitable to the boy and girl, one can avail these two Muhurthams. As a matter of fact, the entire Muhurtham days during the Tamil Year Sarvadhari, are that of with one or Pariharam for Guru Preethi, Sani Preethi or with that of Panchaka preethi!

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Pls send me list for the Gems specifying which gem should be used for Different Horoscopes..



Giving a general list of gem stones for each sign would not be correct, as one has to wear a particular gem stone for a specific period. It is depending on ones personal natal chart and the running Dasa Bhukti, one has to choose a stone for weaker planets that might cause some imbalance in the chart.  For iexample,  for Rishaba rasi, persons might recommend Diamond; but when Surya Das or Guru runs and wearing a diamond during these Dasas mightcause more harm than any benefit. So one has to check the Dasa bukti before going for a gem stone.

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can we belive lizard sounding in different portion of home in east west south north direction.


Yes, to some extent, the experienced persons state it come true. Not only the lizard calls are taken for some good or bad omen - depending on the week day and also the direction from where its call heard, but also its falling on in ones body parts too considered in many ways with different kind of messages. Normally, the lizard calls are not heard often. It is widely believed that it carries some sort of message, depending on the direction and the day of the week. These are illustrated in most of the Almanacs (Panchangam). Oh, if there are more lizard, then you need to worry about one thing, that there are too many insects are there at your home for the lizards to survive! Its urine makes allergy and some sort of irritation with swelling. It is so poisonous if it is falling into any cooked items. So, one should be cautious in these counts, if not believe in the calls and signs!

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This query is not related to personal like predictions etc. But a general query on a astrological practice followed in Tamil Nadu. 1. How far nadi astrology is correct 2. The reason for my question is: I saw agastiyar nadi readings, in that what was told till my 30th year is correct 100 % also the events told in santhi kandam is also right like marriage didnt take place, no business, facing of hardships etc. 3. But those told after 30 years till now (32) didnt happen like my marriage, uplift in business etc didnt happen also after doing those pariharams as told in that santhi kandams yet to see fruit. 4. My question is as these facts making a question mark on their accuracy on future, even though they correctly tell the present and our charts, parents name, how many siblings and all current situations with 100% accuracy. Then why the future is not so correct. As I am afraid those told about my future may not come correct. I ask this question because I consider the nadi to be more correct and as bench mark on astrological predictions. I request Mr. Iyengar to clear my doubts so that it can be accepted by by my mind. I hope he will.


Answer: The following are my personal observations after analysing it for two decades and inter-acting with many persons who availed the Nadi readings. Also, my own family fingerprints were given for Nadi readings. In all fairness, I should admit that the past and the present were so accurate to the minute’s details. However, when it comes to the future predictions, it failed in every count. Yes, all the persons who had availed these Nadi readings too confirmed that the future predictions from Nadi readings are miserably failed. That too, after shelling out a hefty sum to perform all the sorts of Shanti & Pariharams as advised by the Nadi readers. Many persons visited me with the Nadi readings in written and recorded tapes. When I gone through the same, it is certainly decoded to some extent, that the future prediction part has some negative scores almost similar to every reading. That’s where the doubt arises about the accuracy. Since the wordings are different but the meaning stand to point a specific happening, it is undoubtedly a secret part that takes the rest to blind the future! This is the case with any Nadi readings of different Maharishis names. If the prediction given through the Nadi readings comes true, then the entire world would have washed off their sins and live happily forever. But, it is no so. Then people would totally forget about the Lord God and queuing up at the Nadi readers place. This too has a sookshama that the readings for a specific part it would be true and then for the rest it would be false! My sincere suggestion to all is, just visit the Nadi readers, take out the horoscope, which is almost accurate, and forget about the rest. Only when need arises, consult an experienced Astrologer to get some guidance. Here too, an Astrologers predictions are limited and just cannot be guaranteed for 100% accuracy. Astrologers are not Gods nor they represent or possess any super-natural powers. One should realize that they too are humans and only has the knowledge to interpret the planetary alignments at birth together with the planetary movement of present and calculating from the running Dasa Bukthis. An experienced Astrologer’s prediction can be taken only as a judgement and not as a final verdict. The destiny has its own role in each and every atomic propositions of the Universe.

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Sir, pranams,Can a manglik & non manglik marry? Is it kaal sarpa dosha if the ketu is in 2nd place and rahu in 9th place from lagna? what are the effects of the same ?


These issues are clearly defined and listed at the page  under the heading Mars & Rahu - Ketu. You can get your doubts clarified by reading the whole page!

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