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If a girl has conceived in month on 15th March 2010 ie tamil panguni month can her seemandam be conducted on september 12th 2010.Her nakshatram is mrigaseesam and her husbands nakshatram is ashwati


Answer: Though the stipulated condition is to perform it during the 8th month, there is no harm in performing it earlier. Yes, 12th Sept. is suitable date.

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Sir, Your site is very informative and I learnt a lot. I am not having a child for 4 years. Kindly suggest me a sloga to chant


Answer: Performing a Santhanagopala Homam will help to get a child. You can read the needed info and sloka at this page.

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Namaskaram Sir, My mother in law was a widow who cohabited with my father in law and my husband was born. My father in law married his niece and stayed separately. After our marriage my mother in law created alot of problems in my marriage and I was on the verge for a divorce. Finally she left both of us went to my father in laws home and stayed there for a couple of months. She was later chased out by my 2nd mother in law and finally she went on her own to a old age home. We did not know when she passed. We perfomed the funeral rites for my father in law but nothing was done for my mother in law. This sin is always haunting me. Is there any parikara. Pls help.


Answer: For such unfortunate souls, one can perform the Srardha every year on the Karthika month Amavasya day (in the north Indian it is the AagrahyaNa month). In addition, during the Pithru Paksha Amavasya, one can offer the Pithru pooja to weed off the sin for such failures to conduct the rituals. Since her departure thithi is unknown , the Sasthra state to conduct the same on the above days. If one can afford, performing a Srardha at Gaya would equate the benefits of Srardha performed for 60 years! It will also help the wandering soul to reach Swarga.

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After how many thithis must the yearly ceremony of a dead person (Tamil) be performed ?


Answer: Normally, the same thithi/month is to be followed in the immediate next year. In some cases, there can be one or two extra thithis known as adhika masyam; if there are two thithis falling in the same month of aabdeekam known as first year ceremony, then the later is to be taken. It all depends on the remainder thithi timing specific day in the following year & month. In some cases, it can fall in the exact 12th month itself, and in some it may be the 13th month. The one general condition is, the month & thithi should be same that of the moksha day.

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Sir, Could you please provide the tamil name for " Black strap molasses " . It has been recommended as a remedy for many ailments. Vaithy


Answer: "Blackstrap Molasses" is nothing but Paaku Vellam that is in semi-solid or thick liquid state. Not all the sugar cane crushing units sell the third boiled extracts as they normally make the other steps to make Jaggery and Sugar or sugar crystals.

From the ripe Sugar Cane the juice is extracted by crushing or mashing; then it is boiled with certain degree of heating and processed to extract the sugar. The results of the first boiling and processing is first molasses – this has the highest sugar content. The outcome of the second boiling is second molasses. Second molasses is darker in colour and has a slightly bitter in taste. Blackstrap molasses is from the third boiling. In Tamil they call as Pagu Vellam that is almost filled in mud-pots and it is in semi-solid state. There is no usage of any chemicals or sulphers in this stage. If from the unripe and tender sugcanes they extract the juice, then it is added with sulpher etc. to bring the concentrate clarified. It has the shelf value for a limited period only as otherwise it will smell a type of alcohal or spirit!

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