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Dear Sir: Why women are not allowed to enter temples during their menstural periods? Thank you for answering this question.


Answer: During the incovenient period extending upto 5 days, womens body produces negative energies which is not conducive for any prayer. (It is almost generally similar to a cat producing negative energies & vibrations). Also, even when one uses the modern sanitary napkins and hygenic methods, the naturally produced body odour during these days, could not fully be eliminated. Temple is a location where all the positive energies are generated; and the negative vibrations produced during the menstrual couse might disturb the surroundings. So it is still advisable, despite the latest hygenic applications, for women to avoid entering any temple during their monthly periods. So as to not to disturb the surroundings and permit others to concentrate on prayer. Please visit this page on Temple Visits to know more about the significance.

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I want to know about Opening and closing time of the golden temple. Relay me immediately. By Vennilaponnes.


Answer: Sripuram Sri Mahalakshmi golden temple is open for Darshan from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all 365 days! During week-ends and public holidays, there will huge number of visitors crowd. Elderly persons and physically challenged persons can avail free wheel chair and they are accompanied by Sri Narayani Peedams volounteers.

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Dear Sir: Thank you answering my previous 2 questions. My next question is: Why do we prostrate and touch the feet as a mark of respect? Is there a vedic reason? Thank you sir.


Answer: When you do the Saashtaanga Namaskaram, it is wrong to touch the feet of the person. It is stated in the Srivaishnava Sadhachara Nirnaya, by touching the feet of the person, we pass on the our own sins to the person to whom one is doing the namaskaram. By frequently conveying our respects to the elders by doing namaskaram/prostrations, our own body gets a good lot of excercise and the lungs are getting to good expansion. In addition, the blessings from the elders too are surely an added benefit. If the person to whom one prostrates, is with very powerful brainwave length, then surely the blessings come true to the prostrator. This is also a way of conveying our respectes to the elders be it in the family or the society. In Srivaishnavites, it is a must to prostrate to the introduced elders, if one is meeting them for the first time, with due pranams and abhivadhanam. You can read the scientific values of prostration that are explained by a researcher in the pages under Religion >Sanathana Dharma>Other Rituals> Namaskar.

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(9) our pooja room we are having one kamatchi vilakku. some persons told that there should be two kamatchi vilakku in pooja room.and both should be used at a time is it nessary to lite two kamatchi vilaku simultaniously please clarrify sir. 2. ramar PATABISEGAM photo in our pooja it hold it or put it in temple.please clarrify


Answer : 1. Lamps should in general always, be in pair. 2. You can retain the Sri Ramar pattabishekam photo in your pooja room.

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Please tell me whether it is wrong to see the moon on the fourth day of Amavasya, if so what should be done to avoid any complications.


Answer : Worry not, it is not a sinful act to see the moon on the 4th day. Generally, the third day of waxing moon used to be very thinn and visibility is so difficult for many. However, to test the eyesight sharpness,  and to give an excercise to the youngsters for eye sight effectiveness, they used to advise them to look for the moon on the third day from Amavasya (Moonraampirai). Thos who were with sharp eye sight used to catch it quickly thus proving their strong eye sight visibility. Incidentally, there is a chapter in the Rg Veda about the improvement of eyesight, named Chaakshoosaupanishad which is most useful for improving eye sight.

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