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Sir, Is is good to visit Kalahasti Temple on my Chandrastama Days ? or at the fag end of chandrastama ? Is it good to perform Vennai kaappu for Anjaneyar on Chandrahastama days ?


Answer:  For visiting Temples or do the rituals at the temples, one need not check the Chandrashtama days. Also for daily routines it is not to be taken. However, a precaution is a must.

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Namaskara...plz answer my following women are allowed to do pithru karma if they have no husband and male inheritance? Thanking u......Ragu


Answer: Yes, they can do it by giving dharbai to authorise someone to do it on her behalf. It is known as Kaippil (கைப்பில் வாங்கி பிறருக்காக செய்வது) just like giving a power of attorney to somebody to represent you.

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Which are the directions one should sleep -like keeping head in North/South/East/West ?


Answer : When in your own home, keep head towards east while sleeping. Mind, body, concious and sub-concious all are in a relaxed condition.

While travelling and during outstation stay, keep your head towards west - Mind and concious relaxed but body and sub-concious stays alert.

Towards north, mind relaxed to some extent,  but concious, sub-concious and body get disturbed because of the equotarial magnetic pulls.

If a person keeps his/her towards south regularly, the person looses memory power quickly and might feel very weak in normal activities.

Never to keep head towards north or south while sleeping, as the North/South pole magnetic path disturbs the brain and cervical parts that gradually gets damaged.  If a person keeps regularly head towards south while sleeping, then the earths rotation pulls the current towards north, that disturbs the intricate functional of the body parts. Gradually one feels older even before he attain his actual older age if a person keeps head towards north or south while sleeping!

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dear sir, we are iyengars, but the problem with me is my wife is getting diverted to prayers of other religions, kindly let me know any pooja to be done to stop her from getting diverted. regards seshadri vasan g


Answer : You can give her the books narrating teaching of Sri Ramanuja and Sri Desika; if convinced and guided properly, she might turn to Visishtaathvaitham with interest. Forcing or compelling is not a method; let everyone choose their path of their own choice. There should be mutual respect and understanding than any enimity and hatred. Only by giving the just and proper guidance with religious discourses by Srivaishnavites, she should attended; this will enhance the power to realize the Supreme Soul, Sriman Narayana The true God.

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Conception of BOY: Dear sir i am bit confused about the conception dates, some websites claims 6 day and some 5 days. first Q How do you calculate dates e.g period starts on 01/09 so when does meeting needs to place . Do you calcluate 5 days after the period. please its very important to me . I am also trying to workout my previous pregancy too how do you workout 6th day , 8th day and so on. please pretty please reply. thanks in advance


Answer: When the cycle begin, it is to be counted as day one and till the 5th day to be avoided totally. Only from the sixth day from the course day is to be calculated and so on. If 1st Sept was the day of your course beginning, then 6th Sept onwards it is better suggested to have relationship. Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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