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Sri Rama Jayam, Sir, I have decided to take my son to my native temple at Kumbakonam for donating his hair o god on 07.08.2011. Navami thithi starts on 7.18am on 07th August 2011. Its advisable to donate hair on that day to god ,since thithi is Navami. Also my son born on Navami thithi. Regards S.Hariharan


Answer: Janma Nakshatra, Janma Vaaram, Janma Thithi and Janma month is to be avoided in general for all auspicious functions and ceremonies.

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Since my son is in Europe and will be travelling on the date of Avani Avittam, I request your goodself to kindly guide me on the alternative day or date for performing upakarma.


Answer:  He can perform the Upakarma on the 12th of September 2011. These are permitted in extreme conditions such as war, Law & order breaks, earth-quake or on the death of some close relatives etc.

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Sir, Namaskaram. I was englightened to see many useful things in your website which I came across fortunately while reading Sri Vishnu Sastranam. May God bless you all who are managing this on internet. My question is regarding Simple Home Remedies, where you have suggested use of figs in case of gall bladder infections. Please tell whether it is useful in Gall Bladder Stones for women ? With regards, Puran Chand Gandhi


Answer: Hello, there is no gender bias for these remedies! Yes, one can surely try and get the needed results as it is just a food item and there is no side effects or chemical propositions. More so, it is a fruit that strengthens your digestive system and act as a mild laxative too.

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Reagarding birthday celebration-The star Bharani is coming 2 times this Avani month ie on 20th August(Avani 3rd) and again on September17th(31st Avani).Kindly inform me which one should be considered for the birthday celebration this year 2011 as per hindu practice Thanking you Ragunathan


Answer: Always second one and the later date is to be taken for celebrations; whether it is for abdapoorthi, regular or Sashtiyabdapoorthi, the rule is take the later date only.

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Respected Sir, We have booked Satyanarayan vrat pooja in Sathyanarayan temple today afternoon. Around 3.45pm (21st August,2011,EST) the pooja was started, and I beleive in the middle some time , I felt I got my periods/menses. And I did not know what to do and continued my pooja. After the pooja was completed, 2 people wife and husband came and they received prasadam from us. I have done pooja with pure heart. Only God knows that. But, I have been very worried from then. I would like to know if there is any dosha. How can I rectify if any? Could you please help me please? I will be very greatful to you. If you could help me in this matter. Could you please send an email please? Thanks a lot in advance. Regards, Smitha


Answer:  Any Temple is a sacred place for the devotees; TELL THE TEMPLE PRIEST THAT AS A PENANCE OFFERING YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN, but need not tell him what it has happened. In such conditions, you should have left immediately, moved out than continuing the Pooja. Knowingly you continued the pooja (though not wantonly), the benefit of the pooja itself is lost. It is best advised to perform it again on a later day, during your safe period and offer the pooja itself as a pariharam/penance, after doing the Grahasudhi & sthala suddhi punyahavachan. Worry not, this in itself will lessen the burden. When you perform it again, in the start of sankalpam, you should pronounce it as a penance offering and pronounce it as " shanti pariharartham " Sri Sathyanarayana mahapoojam adhya karishye".

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