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Position of poonal while having sex ? Should we wear it while having sex or remove it. My apologies for posting such a question , but this issue has been troubling me for long. Kindly advise as to how we manage this ? Since i do my regular anushtanams , i feel very awkward to wear it while having conjugal bliss with my wife. Kindly advise as to what is the correct procedure? My Namaskarams to you Regards Narayan


Answer: It should always be normal as you wear regularly. Never to be removed. However, it is stated to change the holy thread on the immediate next day. There are many occassions, one needs to change the Poonal - like,  after taking oil bath, after returning from hair cut, after visiting hospitals, after attending a funeral, on visit to any death place within the ten days etc. etl.

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Vibration in left Shoulder


Answer: If it is constant and contineous, then you should check with a Medical Practitioner. Normally occassional vibration at left side for female is good. For male, if it is from right side, it is said to be good.  Left side vibrations for male and right side for female invites some sort of trouble.

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Good day Sir/Madam, Iam Vaishnavam follower. Past years in month of Puratasi, i will visit Tirupaty Balaji and have darshan.Also i will do hair tonsure. Same this year iam planed to have darshan. Iam maried. My question is, during my wife pregnant can i do hair tonsure. Thank you for your understanding and reply. Kumara Seelan


Answer: No, till the time of delivery/Namakaranam, it is not advisable to go for tonsuring.

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Namaskarams, My mother in law recently attained acharyan thiruvadi on Aug 12th 2011 2:30 AM in Chennai. Myself and my husnand were there in time to perform all her final rites and did all the 13 day karyams. The vadhyar who guided us to do all the rituals used the wrong thithi of Paurnami instead of chathurdasi thidhi. After coming back to US we were discussing with our local priest and we found that we did all the karyams in wrong thidhi. What should we do fix this error? Is there any parikaram? We are going to perform the 27th day unamasiyam. We are god fearing couple and we want our kid and his generations to be blessed by our pithrus. We are very worried and confused. can you please help us?


Answer: If the kriya was taken place on the Pournami, irrespective of her departure date/thithi, the Vadhyar is right. You should continue to do the Monthly maasyams on Chathurthasi thithi only. There is no wrong thithi involved as the sequence followed and done till 13th day; the prevailing days thithi only to be pronounced for each step/day. May be in the Charama sloka or the Thithi listing for maasyams he might have erred and wrongly given the thithi as Pournami (Poornima) instead of Chathruthasi. There is no need to worry about this; you should follow the actual thithi as Chathurthasi for the coming masyams, Aabdeekam as well as for Annual Srardtham. No pariharam required, as the rituals are done according the stipulated dates. Be blessed, there is no dosham or curse involved in this.

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Respected Sir,Kindly tell during menses which day do we count as the first day,as some doctors suggest the next day to be considered as day one after the periods start.


Answer: Normally, when that day it occurs it is counted as day 1. However, when the same take place during night, the confusion arises. Here too, if the same occurs before 2.30 am, one can once take it in the earlier day count the following morning as day 2. This is as per Hindu system.

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