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Dear Sir, i am trying to use the chinese calender to conceive. I have a doubt, i was born on the 2nd of september 1982. My mum says i will turn 30 this year september. Meaning i have completed 29 years and running 30. Well i think like the westerners, that i will turn 29 this september and have completed 28 years. So please correct me if i am wrong and advise me on which age category should i follow, to have a child of my choice of gender. Thank you very much. I would greatly appreciate your help. kind regards, Gaithiry


Answer: You should always take into account full completed years and not the running age/year.

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Namaskarams to you sir. I went through your Question answer section on Srardhhha KArmas and is indeed overwhelmed by your knowledge and authority. I would like to place a question before you about my proposed Rameswaram Trip. My elder brother passed away in 1991 and since he did not have any issues, another elder brother younger to him has been performing Hiranya Srardhham till date every year. The sastrigal informed that homam is not required and only hiranya srardham can be done. We are planning to be in Rameswaram to perform Thilahomam at the behest of my sister in law ( W/of the brother who passed away) in the last week of February. Kindly give me guidelines on the procedures to be followed while performing this Thila homam. My main questions to you are 1. Should it be performed by the person only if he is accompanied by his wife? or the male member can perform individually without the partner? 2. Is there any pre set procedure in our shastras for performing this thila homam as we are interested in performing it with complete Sraddhha to satisfy the departed soul 3. Is it performed only to a particular soul departed from us or it is performed in general for all those who left us? I would be much obliged if you can kindly answer the above sothat we can follow your advice and preform the rituals accordingly.


Answer: Thila Homam can be performed for the benefit of the entire family set. However, the Srardham can be performed seperately for the departed soul. Irrespective of to whom or whose behalf it is performed - for parents/brothers etc, it is always advisable to conduct this as a couple (husband & wife together). If the srardham is performed on behalf of someone, then the person to accompany for giving the power of attorney like authorization at the spot. (கைப்பில் கொடுக்க, எஜமான்/எஜமானி உடன் வரவேண்டும்).

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Hello sir, I have one simple question. I want to know that" Why is said Girls should not keep their hair loose, especially while doing pooja ?


Answer: Human hair and nails are made of our bodys own dead cells. It is not advisable to spread the fallen hair around your home, especially where the positive vibrations are generated - like Pooja room & kitchen. Also, our body produced current and energy is wasted if the hair is not tied. In short, to avoid spread of negativity in our home and surroundings, it is always advised to tie the hair bunch.In those days, normally when a death takes place in a family, then they used to lose it free, that signifying a sad mood. Should one go with such negative appearance for the Pooja?

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Respected sir,Kindly tell is any other method except checking the horoscope to tell if the couple can possibaly try and have a baby boy or not. Regards Neetu


Answer Yes, check with your physician or any medical practitioner who will guide you through the procedures, a scientifically proven methods !

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Dear Sir, Namaskaram, We had performed the sudarshana homam very recently at our newly purchased house. 4 vathiyars [ priests ] had come and the homam was carried out successfully. My Brother’s daughter who is 19 years old unmarried also visited the homam. Sir, even though it is difficult to ask you, I don’t have any elders in my family [ father and mother passed off ]. So, I am asking you…. It was the fourth day of her periods. She had come and was with us in the homam. My manni [ brother’s wife ] did not tell me anything regarding this. I I am very scared whether this is a very powerful sin. Will lord narayana punish us ? [ since we carried this homam ] I am so scared…. Is there any remedy [ pariharam ] for this…….. Please reply sir….. I am waiting for your reply. Please help me sir, I am disperately waiting for your reply. regards Latha


Answer: Hello Lata, be relieved, there is nothing to worry about this and you can simply forget it. There is no sin involved as you are not the guilty person. You have not done anything intentionally nor you knew about it prior hand. And a third person making some entry does not cause any problem to the function. All this happen, just only because of our not training and telling the youngsters the dos and donts about the religious matters and functions. It is always advisable to avoid first four days from the monthly cycle day attending any religious functions. We need educate our own children on such matters so that they do not cause any disturbances in future. (and you are posting the same question four times!).

Since there is no mistake on your part, no pariharam needed. God will never punish one for others un-intentional mistakes !

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