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Namaskaram, I have a doubt. My uncle has not done sandhya vandhana after upanayanam and does not wear punal all through the year except avaniavatam day. Is it shastra sammatam to perform sastiabdhipurthi, etc for such person. Please also note. Fait in God at apath kalam. Goes to temple ocassionaly. Does not get up early in morning and had food before taking bath. Thanks Regards Hari


Answer: Sashti-abda-poorthi is performed on completion of sixty full years and a kind of celebration. The ayush homam performed alongwith it is for health & longivity. Yes, you can celebrate his sixtieth birthday, whether he follows the relegious dictacts or not. Let him, at least in his retired life to start practising something for the upliftment of his spiritual liberty.

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Respected sir, I would like to know whether there is any particular pooja for dhanaabivriti, sir eventhough i do pooja i feel a sort of gloominess in our house please tell me how to get rid of this which pooja will bring lakshmi kadaksham ,sr kindly help me.


Answer: It is not that everyone gets richer and wealthy just because of doing only some pujas. It all depends on ones own past karma, hard work and the gift if it is in their birth chart.

Reciting Sri Sooktham, Sri Lakshmi stotrams do give benefit. Performing a Lakshmi Kubera Homam and Sri Sooktha Homam are added benefits. Sincere prayer and hardwork adds to the wealth.

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Respected sir, It is common practice that during menses, a woman stays away from religious duties, and on the 4th day, after taking head bath, the woman can resume religious duties. I have however heard that even the 3rd day is approved for a woman to participate in relegious activities. I have invited many ladies for vethalai paaku on Saturday - that will be my 3rd day. Is it ok to take a head/manjal bath and host this event or is it better to reschedule ? Thank you very much..


Answer: For all the religious & spiritual rituals (known as Vaideeka Karma) that concern Homam/Aaradhanam etc., it is strongly advised to avoid the first four days, as only eligible from the fifth day. This is as per Sasthra quote. For other non-ritual functions (known as Loukeekam - not concerning any Homam etc. such as visit to some others home, exchange of Vethilai/Pakku etc. which are considered as non ritualistic customs) one can do it on the 4th day.

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