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Namaskara, Would like to know whether we can purchase vehicle or any household items during pithru paksha which has started today. There is a belief that we should not doany good things or buy new things during pithru paksha and dhanurmasa. Kindly clarify. Regards, Manjula


Answer: Excepting for routine and day to day works and matters, it is advisable not to start any new ventures or buy new items during these days. Pithru Paksha period is to give oblations to the departed souls and the Dhanur month is devoted to all the sorts of divine matters concerned. Hence, during these period no auspicious functions take place excepting Ayush Homam and Sashtiyabthapoorthi.

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For a Srivaishanava what are the recommended prayers / mantras during a normal day?


Answer: Listing only the bare minimum routine performance. Daily Sandhya Vandanam, Gayatri Japam, equally Ashtaakshari Japam, Bhagavat Thiruvarathanam - Ijjya, recitations of Sookthams and Sahasranamam. These are the brief & very minimum one that one can follow; in normal terms, for persons belong to working class, this much would take good time. All the time chanting the glory of Sriman NarayaNa is the most vital one to continue. If you have enough time to spend, you may chant Upanishads, Sundara Gaandam From Ramayana etc.

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What is the significance in performing TharPanam during eclipse?


Answer: During lunar eclipse, the polar rays of the sun reaching the twilight zone of the moon,which is but the edges of Full moon, are obstructed by the earth, thereby bringing some contact to that part of earth, though on night side, with the polar rays of the sun. 

Then that part becomes conducive for getting into a link with pithru lokam through the
tarpaNam offered.

The timing of tarpaNam during eclipses, like soon after the beginning or after starting to leave etc. can thus be related to the obstruction to polar rays of the sun by moon or earth.  The usage of Kush Grass, known as Kusa, Dharbam or Dharbai during this time of Grahana
TharppaNam i.e. Solar - Lunar Eclipses, prevents the radiation passing into ones body.

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Im a brahmin lady. I have a doubt whether married women should fast on amavasai day along with the husband.


Answer: There is nothing wrong if one fasting on Amavasya or any other day husband performs Tharpanam. A day prior to Srardham, all the fifteen days of Mahalaya Paksham known as Pithru paksha, every Sangramana day (Masapirappu) , Eclipse days iz. Surya Grahana & Chandra Grahana days are also the days for fasting for those who perform Tharpanam.

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Respected sir, I would very much like to know if there is any book which give us a clear understanding of the ASOUSAM to be followed by a Srivaishnava. What I mean is the Theetu to be adhered to in the event of any births or deaths in the family ,how many days (maternal and paternal and in-laws side etc) I tried reading one or two books on this but I am not satisfied with it. Kindly help me.


Answer: Srivaishnava Sadachara Nirnaya published by Sri Vedanta Desika Saba at Myalpore in Devanagari/Tamil in its Annexure given all the Aasoucha sadakam that can be had from .Sri Nrusimha Priya office,  No.30, Venkatesa Agraharam,  Mylapore, Chennai 600 004 OR at Sri Ahobila Math, 8, Arathi Nagar, Selayur Post, Chennai 600 056. The price is Rs.500/- per copy. Also, another book based on the same theme and on Vaidhyanatheeyam can be had from the following address:Title: samkshEpa dharma sAstram , (Priced less than 50 rupees!) Publishers: Heritage India Educational Trust, #6, Sanskrit College street, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004

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