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There seems to be an ongoing debate about how effective horoscope matching is in rating compatibility in this day and age through computer astrologers in my household. Are percentage matches and recommendations of coupling to be taken as seriously in going forward with a prospect in a general context of match making?


Answer: The entire meanings, plus and minus points are already discussed in this page. You can read the contents and get your doubts clarified.

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I want to send puja expences by post to perform and send blessings of Amma for marriages of my 3 daughters.Suitable sugessions may be given to me.I saw for the first time in TV SAMSKRIT chanel and Thrilled at to see miracle of AMMA. Devotedly


Answer: Hello, you are addressing this to a wrong person! Please go through this page and find all the relevant details viz. Charges, donations, to whom/where the funds to be sent, accommodation and timings; these are very clearly given including the contact phone number and email address in the same page.

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Namaskaar, I had a query about the gender selection thing in the lifestyle section. Well wanted to ask that if suppose MC starts after midnight or suppose u dont know the proper time as its night and one cannot moniter it.. so which day of MC will be counted for the gender selection. Like should the morning be the 1st day or the 2 nd as MC started at night?? If i can get answer for that then i would be really thankful. Thanks and Regards Rachna.


Answer:  If the exact timing is not known clearly and if it is before sun rise, you may count it from the earlier day as day 1 and morning after sun rise as day 2.

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Jai Sriman narayana, Srimadhae ramanujaya nama. Dear Sir, In our culture, we have a tradition when the baby reaches one year or above, we go though first mottai(Head shaving) and Kadhu kuttuthal (ear piercing) program. Why the Kadhu kuttuthal is important for us? Can you explain the significance on this? Some people also have number of Mottai(head shaving)s they have to do for each god as their tradition. I read some websites for Human sacrifice that human being chosen should be devoid of scars or injuries. Also, I was told my parents the kids mind become sharper by ear piercing. Thanks Kali Sreenivasan


Answer: When we were in the mothers womb, where our body surrounded with all sorts of dirt and inhygenic compartment. The hair growth take place from the 7th month onwards thus the entire hair is immersed in the dirt filled water for months. Thats why we remove the same at an appropriate time, when the skin is just grown enought to withstand the head shave known as tonsuring. Once the first grown hair is removed, then the fresh growth of hair does not hold the same sort of earlier dirt. This is the main reason that  the entire Hindu community takes this tonsuring, before the child reaches one year. By invoking the Kula Devatha known as family diety, its value is added to get all the sort of blessings in positiveness.

As far the ear piercing, it is traditionally believed and proved that the kidney bladder system is brought to perfection by frequent pulling of ears (the punishment meted out to erring students in those days to pull the ear than beat him/her!) To gain the value, they used to hang out some sort of gold ornament in both ears till a time the kidney bladder takes its own fully grown and take control of the body mechanical system, which is almost 4 to 7 years of age. This also revitalizes the memory power. You may get the further details on ear piercing & bladder functional etc.from this page. and on ornamental jewellery from this link

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Namaskar I am Tamil Iyer brahmin born and brought up in bangalore. I feel i did something wrong that is I do masturbation everyday. I am 27yrs old. Please tell me is it wrong to do it. If yes let me what i need to do to be away from it. and tell sorry to god As I am brahmin and devote of god please reply me Thanks karthik


Answer: Hello, it is good you turn to be normal and good. Try always to be in a good company and with other family members. Avoid being alone. The company you keep should be of good and matured to guide you into the right path. Try on meditation and prayers and visit to temples as often as you can. These are all to diver your mind from the silly habbit that might harm though not risky. Yet, if you wish, you may consult some psychiatrist specialist to get rid of the bad habbit. All the best.

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