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sir,; I dont have any daughter. I want to do kanyadaanam. I have some probloms with my relations and no one will allow me for this job. kindly suggest me what should i do


Answer: There are three options available to your problem. (1) You can adopt a poor deserving girl; she becomes your daughter to perfect the Kanyadanam. (2) You may, if your financial status permits, just sponsor or share the wedding expenses of a poor deserving girl from your Gothram to perform Kanyadhanam; or (3) do offer only Thirumangalyam (Thali) and the Koorai saree for a poor deserving girl of your Gothram, for her marriage that equates to Kanya Dhanam! 

It is highly recommended to do it for a Same Gothra person but not necessarily a relative. Even they can be unknown to you. Sure, if the girl is from a poor family, they will not object to your taking part in the rituals. If you do perform it for an unknown poor person and not related to you, then the benefits are said to be multiple.

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My fathers anniversary coincides once in 2 -3 years with Avani Avittam day. It happened in his first anniversary in 2006 and now it is coinciding. I would like to know the following: a) Am I allowed to change the poonal and then perform srartham or does srartham get the priority and then upakarma is expected to be performed? b) Due to some office constraints, I am not in a position to go this year to India for performing the srartham. I plan to do an anna srartham along with Malaya Paksham on Madhayashtami Day. I plan to do a tharpanam on the srartham day. Should I change the poonal and do the tharpanam or vice versa? I am the only kartha. c) I know that pithru karyam takes a priority over other activities. Is Upakarama considered as a deva karyam? If yes, it takes a back seat as opposed to pithru karyam. Definitely vedarambam and homam is considered as devakaryam, I believe.


Answer: Please do perform the Srardham first and then proceed with the Upakarma. Srardhanga tharpaNam can be performed the next day to srardham. It is most likely, if the Thithi is Poornima, then coincide often with Upakarma.

It is not  a must to change the Yagnjopaveetham on that day of Anna Srardham on Mahalaya paksham. However, you can change the thread as often as one can!

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Sir, the voting pattern and numbering often changes it seems? I see a regular pattern in the negative votes that daily increases only once on all the queries !


 Answer : Yes, I agree to it. There is a negative soul, he/she visiting only to give a negative vote on a daily basis. Through the log, I got the IP address and the other details; Though I could have banned this IP address from entering my site,  but I do enjoy the persons daily visit without fail and taking a lots of time to put his/her negative votes on each and every querry!  See the daily efforts and the time taken by her/him to put this regularly. So who is enjoying more you can guess!! (I can simply change these with a single stroke, but the person has to manually click on each and every question/answer repeatedly but only once a day; let him/her visit daily and put his/her negative vote daily. The person must be having no work to do and wasting enough of life time to do this specific job only, it seems).

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What is the significance of wearing a mangalyam and toe ring? Is it true that ones husband life span decreases if the wife doesnt wear them?


Answer: These are clearly explained in the article on womens Favourite Ornaments page. Please click here to read the rationale behind using every single jewel and ornament.

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sir, I have a doubt , can u please explain me? Why do we use Maailai thoranam ,( mango leaves thoranam) and mango leaves on the top of kalasam , during Poojas? Regards, Gayathri Anand.


Answer:  There is a relationship between spoken words and the power of water which is clearly researched and explained in a book titled "The Miracle of Water" by a Japanese author Masuru Emoto. It is a revelation. With numerous photographs, the author has demonstrated two things:

First, that our thoughts generate energy that can be detected/absorbed by water and second, that water is able to capture and reflect this energy through altered molecular


My thoughts connected these findings with our traditional practices where water is used in almost every ritual. For example, in all temple, they offer devotees "Theertham" as prasadam; Sprinkling water in Punyahavachanam; In doing achamanam and using water in Sandhyavandhanam everyday; prayers to water in Khumbam in all functions; Keeping Ganga jal in copper pots at home, and so on.
Now, coming to your querry - there are three natural gifts to Humankind which are certainly producing a very positive results with energetic, values if used properly. Banana, Mango and Haldi known as Manjal in Tamil are the three magical plants that give enormous benefits to the users! Mango leaves in bunches are said to absorb the negative energy from anyone entering your home. It is just to eliminate the drushti - i.e. the negative effects, at a place where the celebrations are held - be it at home or any public place. So it is placed in the entrance. When the Khalasam or Kumbam is placed on the rice heap kept on a banana leaf, and the recitals of Veda Mantras are said to be absorbed by the Dharba Koorcham together with Mango leaves, that are then transmitted to the water in the vessel. Then water in the vessel known as Kumbam becomes purified with many aquastyic + magneto values as the recitals are said to energize the water with some purification & holyness in nature. However, the values is given only when using copper or silver utensils for Khalasam and other metal khalasams are said to provide the negative results! Hope this answer is convincing one.

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