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Three questions : (1) My wife wears a single metti with 4-5 coils. Her sisters wear a metti which are 2 rings in each toe. There are others worn by her friends (mostly North Indian) which are adjustible at the rear with attractive designs. Why are there so many types of metti. Does each have a significance =? (2) My wife wants to change the metti to other types like the ones worn by her sisters. Can this be done at any time. I guess once worn the metti must necer be changed! (3) In tamil customs, the metti is ut on by the bridegrooms sisters. In some others it is the brides aunt. In telegu customs it is the husband, What is the significance?


Answer: Though single coil is sufficient to get the desired level of effect, there is no harm in wearing in multiple coils. It adds beauty too to the wearer. It should be in the second finger from the toe only and wearing in any other finger gives negative effects. One more cautious note: Metti & Kolusu (anklet) should and must be only made of silver and no other metal; especially, gold made items are never to be used below hipp level. The design and type of metti can vary according to each individuals liking and taste; but the aim and intention of wearing one is same.

The purpose is well explained in the page Womens Jewellery & Ornaments, which is self explanatory. The custom of offering by metti by different relatives are made to the local practices and it has no other significance. In Srivaishnava custom, even an unmarried woman can wear a metti, if she has no metarnal uncle to offer later it during her marriage! It all depends on the practices of each community but the aim and intentions are one and the same as explained in the above page.

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Respected Sir, you have written about conception only until day16. although you have mentioned day 17 till next menses chances are remote, i would like to know incase we try will be harmful ? Like for each day you have specified a +ve or -ve effect. But from Day 17 onwards you have not mentioned. Will be you be able to provide the effects from Day 17 onwards if its good or bad ? Thank you Best Regards Mrs.Priya Balaji


Answer: In general, it is not recommended after 16th day. As the cells are said to be weakened by this time,  even if one conceives, it will not be a so healthy child. Thats why, these days are not recommended at the first place.

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Hello Sir...I just came across this site a few minutes back! And found it very useful..So I thought I would ask some questions which have been in my mind for long...Destiny- this is not any one can change...You have told in many places that eventually it comes down to destiny...And also it is a commonly accepted fact...So if destiny cant be changed, why all these predictions/ calculations etc.? I wonder why so many people go to astrologers for everything and spend their lives doing one pariharam after another...Does the Lord ask people to do all these? Is not daily offerings of prayer a good enough method to seek the blessings of the Lord....Why go behind astrologers and other people when all you have to do is well within your reach....And does it help in any way- I mean these pariharams...And also, what about those who never visit an astrologer or poor people who cant even afford that? Will the Lord treat them differently? I dont know how this practice goes on...This is no disrespect to any astrologers...It is just a question that has been in my mind for so long...Thanks for your good work!


Answer: Fine, it is the doubt for many others too, whether going to temple will help and meeting an Astrologer will increase or decrease his/her tensions. One thing is for sure is, all are equal before the Law of nature and none can twist it. When some planetary influences are making a person to suffer, one can surely find a reasonable solution for such problems that can surely be weeded off by some sort of pariharam or shanthi one might recommend. When the same is of with more and severe effect, then these sort of pariharam wont help to get rid of the difficulties. In such case, the destiny takes its decision and no human can mend its path. Prayer is the best recommended tool that one can easily handle in practical life. And one need not spend any sum for this prayer. God never sought or seeks any bribe to get rid of the difficulties and troubles. This misconception of bribing the Lord nor appeasing the planets through such acts to be removed at the first place. The prayaschitham, pariharam and shanthi are mentioned in the Vedic scripts are true to its natue and has its own worthy values that copes with nature. Nothing more one needs to read onto the subject Astrology. More over, the faith, belief and convinced with the results can surely help one to come out of the problems and the psycological factors too help in finding improvements.

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Hello sir, Your site is very informative. I greatly appreciate your work. Infact i too am a tamil iyer. One thing i want to know is during my monthly periods, always first day i just get very little or just a drop of discharge and stops.only on the 3rd day my actual discharge starts. So do i need to consider this first day or the 3rd day where actually real discarge starts as the first day while calculating conceiving probability?,as written in your article Sex Is Part Of Life- I. - Newly wed couples- this is for YOU. thanking you, parvathi.


Answer: Always the day one from the first day of discharge is to be counted and the intermitent changes not to be considered. In some cases, the discharge can even extend to five or six days, depending on ones body built-up and physical nature; so the beginning day is alone to be taken for consideration for counting as day one.

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Dear Sir, This is to inform you that the e-mail addresses of the people on your guest book are being harvested by spammers and we are getting a lot of SPAM mails. These SPAM mails even mentioned that my profile was found on Would appreciate if you could take some kind of remedial action please. Thanks, Govind


Answer: After having received many such complains, now a new scripting is replaced with the old one. No E-mail address will be displayed either in the guestbook or in these FAQ pages. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Now the system has some security measures to avoid such recurrence.

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