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Was there any previous history in Hindu practices of exchanging rings during marriages? This western system is nowadays followed by all Hindus in the religious type wedding too!


Answer : There is no such practice in the sanathana dharma system. However, the presenting of ring for the newly weds were in practice even in those vedic era which can be safely assumed from the Purana and Ithihas. But this practice was not as a wedding or betrothel rituals but considered as a wedding gift only. The most sacred thing of the wedding is Mangalya Dharanam, Agni, Arundhathi and can be judged as concluded only after Sapthapathi.

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Is it right to leave Argyam on the Thulasi plant placed on the Thulasi Madam?


Answer: No, Thulasi plant is too sacred to drop argyam or any other left over water. Only pure plain water is to be offered to Tulasi. Argyam or water left after Sandhyavandanam can be dropped at root of any other plant or tree.

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Can a staunch srivaishnavite have marital alliances with other sect brahmins? after all we all belong to the same gothras. If you fear a dilution of srivaishnava values in such mixup, what is the precaution and remedy?


Answer : In those Vedic Era, there were no sects or sub-sects but all known as Brahmins irrespective of their following. According to researchers and some Vedic Texts, these splinters and splits are only of about 1500 years old . No, the Gothra is different in persception. Same Gothra is known as Sahothra - meaning brother-hood. Irrespective of faith and sect, it is strongly advised not to marry of same gothra person inter-alia. Whether any sect, sub-sect of Brahmin family, the Gothra root is one and the same. Hence never to marry a person of the same Gothram. Remedy and precautions are unwaranted. If the Brahminism is to survive, it is for the Brahmins themselves to realize the Brahman and act accordingly to His/Her faith but without diluting the Identity of self. That is the essence of Sanathana Dharma. Unity in diversity.

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Which are the places in india where i can do pariharam for PITRUDOSAM. WHAT EXACTLY DO I NEED TO DO.


Answer: There are two known places to weed off Pithru Dosham. One is Thirukkadigai, known as Sholinghur where during every Pithru Paksha i.e. Mahalayam, it is said, the departed souls arrive here to bless their own descendants. It is recommended to offer Brahmin Feedings here, during Karthikai Tamil(. Mid November to Mid December) month to get rid off Pithru Dosham. The other place is Sethu called as Rameswaram. At Thiruppullani, where Sri Dharba Sayana Ramar Temple is on The shore of this town. Performing any sort of Homam known as Havan or Holy Sacrifice gives 100 times more value than performing in any other Kshetram. Performing a Thila Homam is best recommended at Thiruppullani kshetram to get all sorts of sins washed.

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Dear Sir: In your Vishnu Sahasranamam, you have mentioned about the particular star and chant the relevant namam for 11 times. My sisters star is Thiruvonam. Since she is not well versed in Sahasranaaman, instead can I chant the namans 11 times on behalf of her? She is having problems and I am great believer in Vishnu Sahasranaamam. Can you suggest any manthras for Thiruvonam star? My prostrations to you, Sir. Sincerely, Jayakumar


Answer: You can convince her the benefits she could get by chanting the same. You can, word by word split and teach her the entire stanza for a week to learn. Interest plus iniative can make wonders in ones life. So, I suggest you take the iniative to get her interested in the subject. If one person is suffering from any illness and the doctor recommends some medicine, can the other sibling take the medicine instead, because the sufferer has some problem in taking the medicine? If you know her Nakshatra Padam, then it is only a two line slokha she is to ricite; if the charan i.e. padam is not known, then it is just only eight lines of the slokha in Sri Vishnu sahasranamam numbering from 85 to 88 to be recited. It might take few days to memorize these two stanzas. The best recommended method is, for her to listen the entire Sahasranam couplets for few days.

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