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Respected Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for putting the details of all the 96 Tarpanams . I do not have my father and i have been doing Tarpanams regularly . I have heard from many people that our shastras say that we have to perform 96 tarpanams , how ever apart from the most commonly followed thithis like 4 sangkramana tarpanams , amavasya and mahalaya paksham no one could provide me with the exact details . How ever I am very delighted to find out that you have provided the detials . But for a lay man like me I would be extremely graetful if you could further eloborate on some specefic periods which i am unabe to understand: The eloborations are required for following terms: Kruthayugathi - 1 Threthayugathi - 1 Dwaparayugathi - 1 Kaliyugathi - 1 Vaithruthi Yogas -14 Vyatheepatha Yoga -14 Ashtaka - 4 Anvashtaka - 4 Thisroshtaka 4 Currently i do amavasya tarpanams and all tamil masa tarpanams , how ever if you could eloborate on the above terms I could strive to do tarpanams on all the other important periods also . One of the vadyhyars whom I met recently in train while travelling to Chennai told me about the importance of doing tarpanams on all 16 days of Mahalaya paksham , so that period is clear to me . Also some learned person told me that Tarpanams have top be performed on Rathasapthami and Akshaya Trithi . Regards N Narayan


Answer: Most of the details of the Yugadhis and and other days are clearly given in each Almanac known as panchangam. For the rest of the other important evens such as Mahalaya Paksha, Astaka & Anvanshtaka, including the Amavasya/Sangramanam are mentioned with Sankalpams and related links are provided in this page.

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Namaskaram! As per Hindu Vedantham and Sampradhayam, why is Grahapravesh or moving to a new home is prohibited in Ashada and Shravana months? Is Vastu Shastra valid outside India? The answer will impact everybody who lives outside India, as we have a totally different lifestyle, weather zones and daily routines? Thank You


Answer: As is a general practice to avoid doing any thing during the junction timings of Day/Night known as Sandhya, the Ashada month is considered as Junction period for year - i.e Dakshinayanam and the month Agrayahanam is considered the sandhi period for Utharayanam. In addition, the months Falguna and Bhadrapatha too is not considered as auspicious for Grahapravesam. In Tamil, Aani, Purattasi, Margazhi & Panguni are the periods when the Vastu Purusha is said to be in his sleeping mode. But the above specifications are not applicable to other locations than in India, as the climatic, tophographical conditions vary place to place. One has to adhere to the local conditions than sticking to the Indian Almanacs known as Panchangam! The months Sravan is dedicated to the God and doing any other functions is not recommended. Likewise, the month Bhadrapatha (Purattasi) is dedicated to the departed souls (Pithru paksha) and hence considered inauspicous.

Vastu is nothing but Vedic Architectural system based on the scientific motions of the earth rotations, magnetic path disturbances and the other local vibrations of the place in question & the duration of such occurances etc. Vastu can be considered for any location on the earth.

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Nowadays, most of us live in apartments where it may not be built according to our wishes. We adjust to the way it is built. In many flats, we have to pass by (or pass through) the kitchen / Pooja place to reach other places. When we used to live in independent houses or agraharam concept and when we have ladies in the house who are in menstrual cycle, they used to stay at isolated location with their own set of eating vessels, clothes, etc. But this is not practically workable in apartments. Ladies can stay away from kitchen area and move around the house and somehow manage. But in today’s nuclear family scenario, when we don’t have anyone else in the house, it is just not possible to avoid coming inside the kitchen. During these days, should we perform Aradanam and open the sannithi and perform religious practices (decorate with flowers, light the lamp, recite slokas) or keep the sannithi door shut till the time is over. What practice to be followed during these periods in a month? I came across similar question earlier, but it didnt seem to contain my specific doubt. In case, I had overlooked, please direct me to those answers


Answer: Since the other part of the answers to your question is already given under the Srivaishnavam Practices FAQ, (Question & Answer # 77) I give the answer only concerning daily thiruvarathanam. In such circumstances, one can close the Sannidhi and perform the manaseeka aradhanam (recitals by heart and bhavana). This is the only possible way under such circumstances, if one does not want to skip the daily routines and prayers! This kind of thiruvaradhanam is permitted under different kind of circumstances - war, natural calamity, while travelling long distances etc. Now we have to add this exception to the dormitary residing persons family conditions too. If one can do the Graha suddhi puNyahvachanam, after the end of course period, it is still better.

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I need the details of Vishwamithra gothram and Pranavam. at the time of doing yagams how can we say the Abivatheye by name the rishis.


Answer: The needed details of Gothra Pravaram and Rishis names are given alongwith Abhivathanam in the page under heading Gothra Pattika - Gothra Pravaram - Gotra names and related Rishi vargam. The blank spaces in sequence numbers 1 to 9 is to be filled in by you, by selecting it with the appropriate pravaram to the Gothra/Rishi one belong to.


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Respected Guruji, My fathers second dealth anniversary is in next month. We are four daughters. I live in Delhi and working. What is the simplest way of performing my fathers shradham so that His soul is satisfied?


Answer: One can perform it with HiraNya srardham, i.e. offering it to one or two Brahmins with Raw rice, Raw Banana, pulses, Jaggery with Betal leaves/nuts and Dakshina according to your capacity.

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