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Was there any previous history in Hindu practices of exchanging rings during marriages? This western system is nowadays followed by all Hindus in the religious type wedding too!


Answer : There is no such practice in the sanathana dharma system. However, the presenting of ring for the newly weds were in practice even in those vedic era which can be safely assumed from the Purana and Ithihas. But this practice was not as a wedding or betrothel rituals but considered as a wedding gift only. The most sacred thing of the wedding is Mangalya Dharanam, Agni, Arundhathi and can be judged as concluded only after Sapthapathi.

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Can Akka -Athimbar or Anna- Manni perform Kanya Dhanam 1] If parents are alive 2] If parents are not alive Thanks


Answer:  Yes, anyone elder to the to-be-married person can perform the Kanya Dhanam. Whether or not the parents are alive, any other relatives too can take up the job. Even if the parents are able and fit, the marriage of their daughter can be solomnized by some other relatives or even friends, if the elderly couple desire so. There is no restriction on this.

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Respected sir, My son was born on 2/07/2007 in London at time of 9.10p.m or 9.9p.m. It make bit confusing about one minute before or after which I had mentioned above. So which time I will prefer either 9.10 or 9.9p.m.? I want to get horoscope for him which should be possible either London time or Indian time? Please reply me soon. I am waiting for your answer.


Answer: One should always take the local birth time to erect a chart. One minute variation could cause change in Lagna if the same falls in the border case - i.e. end or beginning of a Lagna. However if the birth time fall within the middle part of the Lagna, then there wont be any change. There can be a slight variation of Dasa bukthi by few days.

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Is it right to leave Argyam on the Thulasi plant placed on the Thulasi Madam?


Answer: No, Thulasi plant is too sacred to drop argyam or any other left over water. Only pure plain water is to be offered to Tulasi. Argyam or water left after Sandhyavandanam can be dropped at root of any other plant or tree.

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Pranam. As per my husbands horoscope , since there is some Pithru Thosham , an Astrologer told us to do the "Mahalaya Amavasai Tharpanam like Sradtham (Ceremony) and to offer food to some Brahmins. Can we do the Sradtham (ceremony) on Mahalaya Amavasai ? Please guide us. Andal.T


Answer: Yes, your astrologer is right in suggesting to perform the Mahalaya Srardham, that can be performed either in Thila tharppaNa roopam or Hiranya Srardham. However, Hiranya Srardham can be performed only after performing the Mahalaya tharppanam. Mahalaya Amavasya Thrappanam is like a regular one except that we add the Garunya Pithrus in the TharppaNam.  So one should perform the Mahalaya Srardham on any other day in addition to Amavasya; this can be performed on Madhyashtami or Mahabharani; or on a day in which pithrus thithi falls during the Mahalaya Paksham.

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