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Astrology - Predictions


This page is under construction. Shortly we will publish this page, giving you your Daily, weekly, Monthly & Yearly astrological predictions as per Hindu Astrological system. Please bear with us.


Meanwhile, you may try with the Astrology related articles, based on Indian & Hindu Astrology scripts and the explanations for various Astrology related myth & Facts explained produced in the "Astrology Section" of this website. A few articles on few basic things for the beginners in Astrology.


The subject "Astrology" is an ocean. Just no one can say he/or she is master of the subject "Astrology" as it needs a combined efforts and concentration of nearly sixty full years to learn the subject Astrology of Indian Hindu system thoroughly!



Meanwhile, here is a small picture theme, to fit to the mankind and his egos. Do we still have egos? Does anyone claim that he is learned? thorough in all subjects? The Vedic relevance is, there is always some one or something greater than they think! What is great!




When you think, you're great, just think of greater ones. How to kill your Ego? It's just simple. Just follow the example, where we think earth is larger one or for that matter the Star Sun as the largest one in the solar system. But in reality, it is quite different.

The Larger Planet in the Universe

Sure, Earth is bigger only when comparing to Pluto or Venus. But when you compare it with Neptune or Jupiter?

Planets, Larger than Sun - Our ego vanishes!

Now, shall we move further to see who is great?

The Outer Planets, Larger ones, yet Invisible.

Oh, in the following picture, even star Sun is smaller and Earth is invisible in the scale!

Larger than Largest Planet of the Universe.

Ooops! Even Star Sun is invisible or works to 1 pixel in this scale!

The Larger than Largest Planet in the Universe, The Antares!

Where is Earth? At this scale, even star Sun stands to show to the size of one pixel and invisible in the above picture. Now tell me, do you still have any Ego?

TRS Iyengar

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