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The following photograph of Sri Sarangapani Temple  was provided by Ms. Priyanka.


The following photographs of are of Sri Sarangapani Swami Temple,( provided by Mr. N. Rghunathan IAS,) Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu.


Above  photographs  are of Kumbakonam Sri Sarngraja Swamy Temple. The Sri Vaishnava Diety, Sri Sarangaraja Perumal,  is the very famous one in the South. These photographs are a treasure that  I obtained from Sri. N. Raghunathan, IAS (Navalpakkam Pattrachariar). My sincere thanks to Mr. Raghunathan for permitting me to publish these architectural marvels of Srivaishnava Temples.

TRS Iyengar



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