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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

Sri Sudarsana

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !


Thiruman Kappu


Dear Bhagavatha:,


Note:  This is purely a voluntary one and only on personal interest.


Let me introduce myself as E. V. Narasimhan (fondly called and known as Chellappa,) belong to Ingimedu;  I am a retired Sanskrit pundit from a Government High School, (Kuchipudi and Pamarru) Krishna District Andhra Pradesh.  

In our village Ingimeadu, we have the temple of Sri Perundevi Nayika Sameta Sri Varadarajar and Sri Ramar, which nearly 200 years old.  This temple is maintained by Sri Ahobil Mutt. 

With the kind blessings and permission of for HH Sri 45th Azhyagiasingar, and On behalf of the Temple Renovation committee, I would like to make an appeal for fund raising for re-construction / Renovation of the present dilapidated two hundred years old Temple at Ingimedu.  

As it has become very old, with kind permission and anugraham of HH Sri 45th Azhyagiasingar, we thought of renovating the temple the existing temple of Sri Perundevi Nayika Sameta Sri Varadarajar , along with Hanumad, Lakshmana and Seetaa sametha Sri Ramar. 

In the existing temple all idles are at same place, there is no different sannithis, now we have planned to have different sannthis for each perumal under this renovation.

The main temple will be as is for Sri Varadarajar, Pratistha done by sri HH 42nd Azhyagia Singar- Sri Ahobil mutt.

Different sannithi for Sri Perundevi Tayar.

Sannithis for Hanumad, Lakshmana and Seethaa sameta Sri Ramar.

Sannathi for Azhlwars and  Azhyagiasingars  

With the below URL, you can have a look at photographs taken at Ingimedu on the occasion of Shankushtapanam for Reconstruction and Rennovation of Sri Perundevi Nayika Sameta Sri Varadarajar Temple, which were performed with kind anugraham and blessings of HH Sri 45th Azhyagiasingar.

In future with kind anugraham of our 45th Azhyagiasingar,  we are in plan to extend our services by establishing a Veda Pathashala, and a Home for aged - who can contribute (not mandatory) to this Veda pathasala with their experience and knowledge here.

To finish this kainkaryam, we are in need of funds, so kindly do needful for fund raising for this holy purpose.

My kind appeal to you all on behalf of 45th Azhyagiasingar and Temple committee trust,  is to donate the funds for this holy kainkaryam.

Bhaktas can either book Nityapadi (meeting expenses for daily routine) kaimkaryam, Vaarshika aAradhanam etc.

Kindly circulate this message to your entire known circle and help us in this regard.

For further information:  (through e-mail or over phone)

Sri. EV Desikan -  ev.desikan@gmail. com     Celll: 0-9444945170

Sri. EV Narasimhan (myself - Chellappa) -  040-65220443, evnarasimhan@ in,

Sri. Ranganath - ranga.nathan@; 0-9290448929.

Sri. Balaji (EN Varadarajan) -,,  Cell: 0-9444022548.


DDs/Crossed Cheques  drawn in favour of:
Ingimedu Sri Perundevi Nayika Sametha Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Renovation Committee

Or Ingimedu Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Renovation Committee, Ingimedu

Can be sent to any one of the following addresses:



Overall Controller

General Manager

All India Special Power Agent of  

HH the Jeer of Sri Ahobila Mutt.



Cell: 0-9444945170


Sri E.N. VARADARAJAN (Balaji),
Chief Co-Ordinator,
Sri Ram Flats,  First Floor,
No: 19,  Ram Nagar
7th Street , Nanganallur,
Phono: 044-22323220
Tamil Nadu India




"Gokulam" No: 13,
Venugopalan Street ,
Tirumangalam Road
Chennai - 600049
Tamil Nadu. India


Sri E.V. NARASIMHAN (Chellappa)

Joint Secretary
Sanskrit Pandit,
Hno: 16-65
Sai Nagar Colony
Thirumalgherry Post
Alwal. Secunderabad - 500015
Andhra Pradesh India
Cell: 0-9290448929
Res: 040-65220443



AdiyEn Daasan

EV Narasimhan



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