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Oooops! Did you expect me to Dance? Hmmm.. I am already dancing, like every one, to the Almighty's tunes in my life. 

That's enough. Why exert more. Can't sweat out any more. It's my name that Dances, no, not me dancing here.

Dancing-T  Dancing-R  Dancing-S       Dancing-I  Dancing-Y  Dancing-E  Dancing-N  Dancing-G  Dancing-A  Dancing-R

Dancing TRS Iyengar, Oh it is His Name Dancing here!

Howazzit, my dance?

TRS Iyengar Dance? Why exert more, cool off! is really boring.

Now let me check with him... did you like my dancing??

No to work, No to rotine, always yes to partying!


Hhmmm, he too says, a flat "NO".


Mr. Iyengar, I dance better than you!



TRS Iyengar

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