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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !
Sri Sudarsana, The Wheel God Known as Chakrathazhwar.
Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !


Vishnu Naamaavali keeps you Happy and Divya Kshetrams, keeps you Healthy.  How ?

Pushpeshu Jaathi,
Purusheshu VISHNU,
Naarishu Rambaa,
Nagareshu Kaanchi.

The above slokha states that Sri Mahavishnu alone is considered to be fully qualified and can  be called as a 'Purusha' a male.  It means, to be a male, one should be qualified in all respects of Physical, appearance, way of thoughts and acts, humbleness, grace, fit, sound, and what not !


Vishnu the Great benovelent God of Many Hindu faith, and  the Supreme Soul, Who resides in each and every atom of the entire Universe.

As human beings, one cannot fully visualize  the entire goodness of His Supreme and if one tries it is just like counting the stars in the sky. This is the only simplest way I can put it here.

Yes, Sriman Narayanan in His different postures and images, adorning thousands of temple on the earth, is dwelling in every soul that is alive.


His differnt kind of Images, that is sculptured to the best of best imagination is given shape to the Idols in all the Srivaishnava Kendrams and Kshetrams.


Listless are His deeds, countless are His benovelant one should see his own inner soul to see Him and feel Him.


He, the Lord Mahavishnu, Sriman Narayanan has taken an Avataara, just to prove His existence, for the sake of a sincere & honest devotee, a single individual, named Prahalaada, thus the Nrisimha Avathaaram. Every Avatar He took for the sake of the Universal wellbeing, but the Nrisimha Avatharam is only one He took for a single individual devotee, Prahalaada.


And now about the Srivaishnavam and its proud temples, here are few great points one should read, cherish and visit the Divya Kshetrams  (the divine Temple locations) to benefit and to Attain the Mental Happiness, ultimate aim of every soul on the earth.


TRS Iyengar

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